“I have nothing left”: Luis Matos manages to sell tickets in Toa Baja

“I have nothing left”: Luis Matos manages to sell tickets in Toa Baja

In the fast traffic of the PR-2 highway of Toa Bajathousands of people pass by without noticing that, at the height of the Candelaria neighborhood, there is the promoter of luck Luis Matosa 43-year-old ticket holder, who sets up there daily with his table, a tent and the gigantic cardboard that announces the availability of numbers of the Traditional Lottery.

“I have been here for eight years now with this position, which is open every day. Here I sell hats, bread and chicharron, but really everything is sold as a result of the tickets. “People come to look for luck.”said the man with an infectious smile.

It was, precisely, a little over eight years ago, when Matos lost his job at a telephone company. His father – of the same name – encouraged him to accompany him in the task of selling lottery tickets, a task that he carried out his entire life.

“My dad sold tickets all his life and, when I lost my job, I came to work with him, to help him. That’s how I started to get to know this world of banknotes… I never got involved in it until I had the need when I lost my job. “My dad passed away and I stayed with the business.”he said.

Matos gets up every morning, from Monday to Sunday, to place the numbers visibly. His university children help him during the week, since, like his father, he instructs them in the task, so that they are willing to serve those who come to PR-2 on the trail of the little ticket that he can provide. the desired fortune.

“I have specific clients who, weekly, come looking for the adjusted number, specific numbers… I separate those for them to ensure them. Other people come looking for numbers that they cannot find in their towns and we have them for sale here. “This road is well traveled because it is the passage for many people who go to work,” she said, referring to residents of Corozal, Toa Alta, Hatillo and even of Humacaowho arrive on the trail of some number that they dreamed of, thought it was nice to play or on the recommendation of another person.

According to Matos, from Monday to Thursday, there are many players from Toabaje or from nearby towns who stop at their position. However, from Friday to Sunday, citizens from distant towns arrive as a result of the so-called weekend chinchorreo.

“They have even come from Fajardo looking for the numbers. Many older people come. “Women play a lot, of all ages, and foreigners also play a lot”, he highlighted, while ensuring that, recently, players have been awarded third and fourth prizes; many others with smaller prizes, “but I always sell something that wins.”

“I have clients who have left me adjusted numbers, who have told me that they are not going to play them anymore because the number does not come up, I put it on sale to the public and it comes out in a big prize. Clients who do not look for it after it is separated and, if I do not sell them, I keep them; If it wins, the prize is mine, but if not, I still lose it. Generally, nothing stays with me,” she added.

While talking with We are Puerto Rico, several drivers stopped on the road in a lane intended for the ride to review the numbers for sale. The road movement is numerous; For this reason, Matos has included in his stall the sale of chicharron, bread, hats, cold mavi and hammocks, among other products.

“Some come looking for a specific number, others don’t. I suggest one or another and, while they look at the numbers, I also offer them the rest that I have.”he pointed out.

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