“It is a work of art”: the management of Miss Universe Puerto Rico reacts to Karla Guilfu’s typical costume

“It is a work of art”: the management of Miss Universe Puerto Rico reacts to Karla Guilfu’s typical costume

The Luis Vigoreux studio of Wapa Media was filled this afternoon with the musicthe color and the joy of the San Sebastian Street Festivals. All this was part of the setup prepared by the management of Miss Universe Puerto Rico for the unveiling of the typical dress of this year’s Puerto Rican representative in the international contest, Karla Inelisse Guilfu Acevedo.

Precisely, the suit, designed and made by the fashion designer Joshuan Aponte, is titled after the festival that is celebrated every third weekend of January in Puerto Rico. Once the 25-year-old beauty paraded to the sound of bomb, the full and the dipThe reactions were swift.

In the studio and in the social networks The same expression was repeated: “it is a work of art.” The director of the local franchise, the presenter Yizette Cifredocould not contain her excitement upon seeing the many weeks of work and preparations for the unveiling of the dress materialize, a moment that marks the countdown to Miss Universe.

“When I saw it, it gave me a lot of emotion, it made me very nostalgic. I believe that there is not a single Puerto Rican who will not be able to identify with this costume, with the theme and who will not listen to the songs (distinctive of the parties) when they see the costume. No matter where you are in the world, any full-blooded Puerto Rican is going to feel a lot of pride,” said the social communicator in an interview with The new day. “It’s a work of art,” she added.

Does Yizette Cifredo like the San Sebastian Street Festivals or not,” this newspaper asked her.

“I like them, I like them. I say that there are people who go in the morning and there are people who go in the afternoon. I go more in the morning, especially after becoming a mother, of course, but I love them. I think that something very nice is that the festivals are no longer a village festival, it is a country festival, it is a very cultural and particular festival. I believe that they are the spaces where we can shout our culture, where the entire island, the entire archipelago, feels, that is, wears the colors of its flag without ideological thoughts being involved,” responded the member of “Noticentro at dawn”.

The director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, who is celebrating her second year at the helm of the competition, assured that Guilfu Acevedo is ready to travel to The Savior. Meanwhile, he took the opportunity to highlight the model’s qualities.

“I am certain that we have a great ambassador, a woman who did not prepare for a pageant, her life had already been prepared to impact, to carry a message, to inspire, which I think is something very beautiful. And it seems to me that that is what Mis Universo is looking for. I think that if these people know what they want, they have (the queen) in Puerto Rico,” the businesswoman also expressed.

TO Carmencita Rodriguez, the supervisor of the Miss Universe Puerto Rico candidates, was similarly “fascinated” by Aponte’s work for Guilfu Acevedo. While she spoke with this medium, the so-called “godmother of the queens” could not stop contemplating the person she represented the people of Sideburns in the most recent local contest.

“Seeing Karla’s face, her expression, is a good sign. The truth is that Joshuan did a spectacular job as always. He has us used to that, so we are very happy,” she commented.

If something distinguishes the traditional parade of typical costumes, it is creativity and extravagance. Along these lines, Rodriguez set aside a space to publicize the strengths of the dress designed by Aponte.

“I think that the greatest strength of the costume is how it manages to enhance what the San Sebastian Street Festival means, how it even manages to enhance Karla’s figure. The contentment that she has, how happy she feels with her outfit, she says it all,” she highlighted.

Finally, for Estefania Soto, development director and Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020, today’s afternoon was a very nostalgic one. On the one hand, it filled her with emotion to see how Guilfu Acevedo is one step away from making her dream come true and, on the other hand, it was reliving a little of the year of her reign.

“I am very sentimental and crybaby. These moments bring back many memories for me, and I believe that the moment in which the typical costume is revealed, reveals in itself the greatest point of the queen’s preparation because there is so little time to then go to the national competition, which is very nice, I think it looks spectacular, very delighted to have Joshuan again, who was also the creator of the other pieces from previous years, including mine,” she stressed.

Regarding the performance of the current queen, Soto is also pleased. The typical costume parade, in addition, was confirmation that the sovereign is one of the most imposing competitors of this edition.

“The suit is very pretty, she wears it very well, it gives her a spectacular body, the colors are incredible, and I think it is a theme with which Puerto Ricans easily identify. It is a topic that you do not have to look for much, you do not have to analyze it so much and I think it is excellent for international representation.”

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