Janet Jackson stars in comic series “Female Force”

Janet Jackson stars in comic series “Female Force”

TidalWave Comicsa pioneer in the world of biographical illustrated books, announced this Monday that it will launch a new installment of its acclaimed series “Female Force”which this time features the legendary American singer Janet Jackson as the protagonist and is prepared to coincide with the interpreter’s birthday.

Written by Michael Frizell and illustrated by Ramon Salas, the 22-page “Female Force: Janet Jackson” will offer fans and readers a unique perspective on one of the entertainment industry’s most influential figures.

“You know what’s great about writing about Janet Jackson? It is how to tell a story of triumph and creativity,” said author Michael Frizell in a statement from the publisher.

“His legacy is not just about successes; “It’s about breaking barriers and being unapologetically herself,” she added.

Comic Janet Jackson (Supplied)

Janet Jackson, the youngest artist in the legendary Jackson family, has had a career marked by unparalleled success and endurance, according to the release.

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