Jasond Calderon passes his litmus test with honors in “Raymond and his friends”

Jasond Calderon passes his litmus test with honors in “Raymond and his friends”

In August 2022, when the comedy production of Telemundo Puerto Rico, “Raymond and his friends” (RYSA), announced the integration of the multifaceted actor Jasond Calderon to their cast, they were clear about the objective of the acquisition. The interpreter also assured this newspaper at that time that he did not “replace anyone.”

“I like talents who are talented, despite the redundancy. Here (at RYSA) there are people who sing, write and act. Jasond has all that. He is a person who sings, not everyone has to be (Luciano) Pavarotti, but he can sing for the comedies we do. If we ever want to do a musical with our team, we can do it. “He is a great actor, he is a great comedian, he writes, he dances, and he has not been part of the cast, but he has worked a lot with them on many other projects,” he told The new day producer Tony Mojena the day Calderon debuted on Channel 2.

The executive producer of RYSA added that with the help of the comedian they could continue renewing the offer of the television space that airs on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm “By bringing in new people we can make new comedy, we can create new characters, we can create new situations in the same comedies that exist,” he explained.

A year later, Calderon passed the litmus test of successfully joining a production that has been on screen for 10 years. The chemistry he has with the rest of the team and the acceptance from the audience are his diploma with honors. This achievement, the mechanical engineer by training, enjoys while he prepares for “The Oath of the Macana”, the theatrical piece of “Guaraguao Security”, which went on stage this weekend at the Caguas Fine Arts Center and continues until the end of the month.

All these things have caused the interpreter of the friendly stuttering security guard, surnamed “Torres”, who has stolen the “show” at RYSA, to classify 2023 as “a good year”. Likewise, the father of two girls attributes this “great opportunity” to many years of perseverance and dashed dreams.

“The fact that people know my name now a little more than before, well, it feels very good because it is a direct effect of the work you are doing. It means that within this program, and the work team with which I am acting, we are doing something right,” added the comedian, known for his “crazy hands.”

Thanks to characters like “Torres” and “Renato”, the attentive secretary of “Dra. Flora Mora”, role played by Joealis Filippeti, Calderon, 45, has also been able to have more direct contact with the audience. On the street, he narrated, there are many who stop him to imitate one of the subjects he characterizes.

The host of the “stand up comedy” “Para’o sin manitas”, however, continues with his feet on the ground. Day by day, the member of the defunct youth band Jyve V, brings to his memory the true reasons that motivate him to present such high-quality work.

“I’m not working to be famous, I work because I like what I do, and to support my family,” he stressed.

The secret of so many cutenesses

Talking to this passionate about the arts means having guaranteed smiles. With his spontaneous and witty personality, Calderon is capable of making anyone smile.

What few know is that, in every meeting, greeting or daily interaction, the producer of “Molusco y los reyes de la punta” La Mega 106.9FM. nourishes and finds inspiration. From all these moments her characters are born.

“There are people who are town characters, neighborhood characters or urbanization characters. You even have friends who are a character, I am inspired by that, by people I know. Sometimes, I’m just sitting there, I see them and I listen to them, and I think: ‘this person is a character,’ I quickly name them or invent a situation around them,” he explained.

Calderon said that he currently has a list of characters that the public has not seen in the television nor has he heard in the radio. They all rest in a notebook in which they wait for the moment to come to light.

Beyond RYSA

In addition to working alongside colleagues who he considers part of his family, the announcer continued that he is alongside professionals who are an institution of the arts. From them, he learns something different in each rehearsal or presentation.

On the other hand, since arriving at Telemundo Puerto Rico, Calderon has been able to develop in other facets. It is worth remembering when, together with his colleague Lizmarie Quintanareplaced Alexandra Fuentes in “Alexandra at 12”.

“They are colleagues with whom I have previously worked outside of television, that is, in the theater or doing locutions. Then, meeting them here, since we already have a friendship, it is easy to mesh,” he stated.

Along these lines, Calderon compared the various generations of artists that fill the country with glory. Sometimes, he said, some want to see the results instantly. For that, he guaranteed, you have to go through a process.

“For you to be good at something, at least, it takes about 10 years. I have been through many things, from Juventud Vibra dances, where we win or lose; Juventour, ‘talent shows’, ‘shows’ of talents outside of Puerto Rico, albums, then ‘release’ of those albums, those albums don’t come out, they shelve you, or television shows that promise or tell you that they will last two years and you commit and it lasts four months,” he listed, who has had to be “resistant and tough-skinned.”

Your family, your best audience

Among the many who follow his work, the artist has two very important figures: his 10 and 14 year old daughters. A while ago, he said with a laugh, they considered him “cool.” Nowadays, with the arrival of adolescence, his perspective has changed a little, he said with a laugh.

“But they are proud. I know they are proud,” she said. “They see it, and they comment to me, and they also give their opinion about the performance, about the performance I did, and they are happy. I want them to do what they want to do, but if this side of me, about working in the industry entertainment“They will be interested, because they can see a good example in me,” he added.

Calderon explained that as part of her routine she usually takes her daughters to the different spaces where she performs: film sets, television studios, radio stations and theaters. This, so that they can see everything that a project entails before seeing the final result.

Even with all the experiences that have enriched his career, the versatile man expressed that he lacks “more knowledge.” “I like learning. I want to learn as long as I can, may God give me life and health to continue doing so,” he wished.

In addition to all the preparation he has acquired at an institutional, personal and professional level, the interpreter included that the rest of his personality and authenticity comes from his family.

“My dad is a cardiologist. My dad takes out one person’s heart and puts it in another person. I make jokes and I make movies, but in my house there are no differences. My dad is very strict, he is Dominican. My mom is Venezuelan and she is more of a party. Latin America and the Caribbean are very present in my house,” she said.

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