Javier Milei’s guardian women: a “boss” sister, an actress girlfriend and the anti-abortion vice president

Javier Milei’s guardian women: a “boss” sister, an actress girlfriend and the anti-abortion vice president

BUENOS AIRES — Recently elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei He dedicated the victory to “boss,” the nickname he uses to refer to his influential and enigmatic sister Karina. She is the most important, but not the only woman who orbits the future ruler.

In reality, Karina was the first to speak and present her older brother as “president” once the victory was consummated. On stage, the far-right economist hugged her sister for several seconds, looked straight into her eyes and stroked her hair.

She then arranged on a lectern the pages of Milei’s first speech—which she helped write—as president-elect, after winning Sunday’s runoff with 55.69% of the votes, the highest percentage obtained in a general election since the return of democracy in 1983.

His rival, the Peronist and Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, garnered 44.30%.

Milei, 53, came to power without previous experience in public office, with a political force that was non-existent until two years ago and a reform program never before proposed, such as dollarization and the elimination of the Central Bank.

Single and childless, Milei also breaks with a tradition of typical presidential family backgrounds.

“Today is a historic night for Argentina… Thanks to my sister Karina; Without her none of this would have been possible.”said Milei, after which his followers shouted “ole, ole, boss, boss.”

“She is the great architect,” Milei himself defined her in several interviews prior to the election. She is the “boss.”

With a low public profile and silent with journalists, Karina Milei devised the campaign, raised funds and was in charge of oversight. He also carried, and carries, his brother’s daily agenda and was part of the negotiations with former conservative president Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) to seal the electoral alliance for the runoff.

A public relations professional by profession, it is not clear whether he will hold a formal position in his brother’s government, but it is taken for granted that he will continue to support it from the shadows.

Milei has been in a relationship for a few months with Fatima Florez, an actress and dancer who gained fame for her sarcastic imitations of the former center-left president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (2007-2015).. The relationship became official in the middle of the campaign, a decision praised by experts not only because of the artist’s popularity, but because it dispelled the mystery surrounding the candidate’s love life.

“I can combine my artistic career with the role of first lady”, the woman said a day after the victory in interviews with local media. She announced that she will do theater in the summer season next year.

Milei, for her part, called a radio station that same Monday to ask for a song and dedicate it to her: “Flowers,” by Miley Cyrus, which is the couple’s favorite song.

“Our position is that work is done, that wealth is generated from the private sector”Milei responded about the role of his girlfriend. “I don’t see why I should be so selfish to deprive Argentines of seeing a spectacle of such magnitude as that of Fatima.”

The third guardian who guards Milei on stage was the vice president-elect, Victoria Villarruel, one of the most controversial figures of the new government cast for her positions against abortion and equal marriage and for questioning the legal processes that ended in the conviction of soldiers for crimes against humanity during the last military dictatorship (1976-1983).

Daughter of an Army colonel and veteran of the war against Great Britain for the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands in 1982, The leader vindicates the actions of the Armed Forces against the guerrilla organizations in that period.

She has participated in mobilizations of relatives of victims of terrorist attacks committed in the 1970s because according to her they should also be tried for crimes against humanity. And she acknowledged that she met with the now deceased former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla in prison to, according to her, learn about the story that human rights organizations have hidden.

She is also in favor of discussing again the decriminalization of abortion that Congress approved at the end of 2020 and spoke out against equal marriage.

“She is a brilliant woman,” Milei praised her. During the campaign, she accompanied him in several television interviews, in which she supported him and took the floor to even better explain several of his proposals.

“Obviously, it is not going to have a decorative role,” Milei said. Villarruel will be in charge of the Defense and Security policy of the future government.

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