Jennifer Lopez reveals why Ben Affleck hardly smiles when attending the awards

Jennifer Lopez reveals why Ben Affleck hardly smiles when attending the awards

Jennifer Lopez reacted with a smile when she was questioned about Ben Affleck’s already well-known expression of concern, since the actress Not only did she rule out that the actor lives an unhappy life, but she revealed that her husband is the first to laugh at everything that is said about him.since on other occasions, he has assured that he cannot avoid expressing himself with distressing faces even though he is having a pleasant time.

JLo was one of the nominees and, in addition, one of the presenters of the Golden Globes awards, so the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles met, where the event is taking place in which the best of the world is awarded. cinema and television.

The famous singer came accompanied by Ben, her husband since July 2022, which was surprising, because unlike what we have seen in the last public events she has attended, on this occasion she looked in a very good mood, as it is worth noting who was nominated for his film “Air”, in the category of Best Musical or Comedy Film.

Another reason why we assume that Affleck seemed to enjoy the moment was because he shared a seat next to Matt Damon, his lifelong friend, and who starred in the film he directed, which tells the story behind the line of Air Jordan basketball shoes, since a video is circulating on the internet in which you can see the actor arriving at his seat and surprising Matt who, upon noticing Ben’s presence, receives him with a huge smile.

Throughout the evening, Affleck was captured dancing and celebrating the triumph of some of his colleagues.

But this did not prevent Jenn from being questioned about the gestures that Ben frequently makes, which would suggest that he is not having a very good time, because when she walked the red carpet, Kevin Frazier, host of Entertainment Tonight, not only questioned her about what designer she was wearing or what brand of jewelry she was wearing, but kindly asked her if she could ask her a question, to which the famous woman immediately answered “yes,” without imagining what question she would ask her.

“Why are people always so worried about the faces Ben makes?”Fraizer said.

While Lopez smiled:

“Everything with Ben is going well, you don’t have to worry about him, let me tell you that he is fine, he is happy, he is here, he is nominated”, he assured.

In addition, JLo confided that the actor has told her that he does not understand why people flaunt their facial expressions so much.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the Grammys on February 5, 2023. (Capture)

He tells me: ‘I’m relaxing, I don’t understand why people are put under so much pressure.‘”.

It should be noted that the couple has had some embarrassing moments in public, in which they have revealed the problems inherent to their marriage, since the actor is very expressive when it comes to demonstrating his discontent, although in an interview less than a year ago with Jimmy Kimmel assured that he was born with a face that made him look unhappy even in his best moments, which would justify why it seems that he is always in a bad mood.

The singer took the opportunity to talk about how proud she feels of her husband, after the film he directed was nominated, as she told “Variety” that she considered “Air” to be one of the best films of the year, to such a degree. which was considered to win one of the awards given at the most recent Golden Globes.

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