Jenniffer Gonzalez asks “Quiquito” Melendez to stop “gossip” regarding his political campaign

Jenniffer Gonzalez asks “Quiquito” Melendez to stop “gossip” regarding his political campaign

The resident commissioner and candidate for governor, Jennifer GonzalezThis Friday, he described as “gossip” the statements made – earlier this week – by the representative of the New Progressive Party (PNP) Jose “Quiquito” Melendezwho alleged that the official’s campaign team discussed with him the possibility of making multiple positions available to him, including the candidacy for Washington, the vacancy for an associate judge in the Supreme Court and the Secretary of Justice.

“I am very sorry that the representative wants to continue in this novel. I don’t have time for novels or to add chapters to this back-and-forth about things. “He is not my candidate for resident commissioner, he never was,” Gonzalez told the press after offering a message at the convention of the Hospital Association.

“I believe that the representative does not have to look for excuses not to be with me; He has options on the street, he can support whoever he wants to support. “I am focusing on the electorate and the people who want change for Puerto Rico,” she added.

For a long time, Melendez was one of the resident commissioner’s closest allies. However, in recent weeks, he announced that he would not collaborate with Gonzalez’s gubernatorial candidacy campaign due to his discomfort with the lobbyist’s alleged influence. Elias Sanchez in the work group.

Gonzalez and his electoral director, Anibal Vega Borgeshave rejected Sanchez as part of the campaign team, although the resident commissioner has acknowledged that she occasionally talks with the former governor’s former campaign director. Ricardo Rossello Nevares.

This week, Melendez maintained in a television appearance (TeleOnce) that, in an effort to retain his support, the Gonzalez campaign offered him five high-ranking positions: resident commissioner, the secretaries of State and Justice, the presidency of the House of Representatives and the position of associate judge in the highest judicial forum in the country. Melendez has said that he is considering the possibility of running for the seat in the federal capital.

“This is gossip, a novel. Every day is the representative’s novel.”Gonzalez insisted.

The pre-candidate for governor in the PNP, on the other hand, reiterated that He has already determined who would be the figure he would support in the primary for the candidacy for resident commissioner, although he again ruled out identifying her or specifying the date on which he would make the announcement.. Gonzalez commented that he will announce his support once his aspiration for the governorship is established internally in the PNP, a process that began on October 1.

“When I file my candidacy, we will do it together”indicated Gonzalez, adding that “everything is strategy in politics.”

The qualities of the candidate he will support will include “teamwork, collaboration, a focus on statehood and a vision of a government of results, in which there is less regulation and legislation, and that focuses on completing the agenda that we have started in the federal capital.”

“Don’t worry, we are going to announce it and we are going to be together in that campaign”he stressed.

No opinion on transaction with Metropistas

On the other hand, the resident commissioner, who for some time has been critical of the processes of privatization of services in the energy sector, stated that she is not familiar with the details of the transaction, announced on Tuesday, which yielded to Metropistas the operation of four highways for the next 40 years. Metropistas – which already managed PR-22 and PR-5 – will now have PR-20, PR-52, PR-53 and PR-66 in its hands.

The transaction between Highways and Transportation Authority (ACT) and the subsidiary company of the Spanish Abertis It is valued at $2,850 million and will allow the public corporation to pay off its debt.

“In the past, public-private alliances on roads have worked, as has the airport one (Luis Munoz Marin). “I have not seen the terms and conditions of the contract that was just awarded,” said Gonzalez, who has proposed that, in the future, the privatization processes provide for the government to select more than one private company, with the aim of can execute a transition if the chosen bidder performs below expectations.

Gonzalez did express himself in favor of eliminating the tax known as the crudita, applied to fuel imports, when the ACT debt is settled., and which was conceived as a repayment mechanism for the bonds of the public corporation. The funds generated by the collection of crude oil, at present, are allocated to the General Fund.

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