Jenniffer Gonzalez, on connection with Elias Sanchez: “He is a person with whom I collaborate, with whom I talk, as well as with other people”

The resident commissioner in Washington, Jennifer Gonzalezagain rejected this Monday that the lobbyist Elias Sanchez Sifonte is part of his political campaign team, but he acknowledged that he “speaks” with the former official of Ricardo Rossello’s administration, as he does with figures from La Palma and other ideologies.

“No no. He is a person with whom I collaborate, with whom I speak, the same with other people… there will always be the dirty campaign, there will always be the campaign that that one is there, that one is not. I have no problems with that after I have the people. All leaders are passengers… the people are the ones who rule and the people are the ones who decide the candidacies and no one should fear the will of the people,” said Gonzalez, when asked if he would integrate Sanchez Sifonte into his campaign team. .

He explained that “When I make my announcement, I am going to present my team, as I always have done, head on. “I don’t have to hide from anyone.”

Last week, the representative of the New Progressive Party (PNP), Jose “Quiquito” Melendez -who during the past months accompanied Gonzalez in many of his political activities-, announced that he would remain neutral in a possible primary contest between Gonzalez and the governor Pedro Pierluisiafter supposedly confirming that Sanchez Sifonte was part of the resident commissioner’s campaign team.

“Everyone decides who they want to be with. In my case, I am neither going to buy endorsements, nor am I going to buy endorsements, nor am I going to allow endorsements to be conditioned on me. He who has his issue with people, who solve it there, who live their life”she said, during an interview with this medium in which she also talked about her pregnancy with twins, news that she shared with the country on Sunday.

Sanchez Sifonte was the governor’s representative before the Fiscal Supervision Board (JSF) under the administration of Ricardo Rossello and directed his campaign for the 2016 elections. Prior to the resignation of the then president in 2019, it emerged that the lawyer was one of the people who, like the former governor and some of his officials, participated in the controversial chat that provoked the indignation of the people, who demanded the resignation of the first executive through massive protests.

“Whoever is with me has to, first, believe in me and do it from the heart. You are not a hottie so everyone will like you. There are options out there. I am very calm and respect everyone’s decisions… That is very natural in politics, that today you are on one side and tomorrow you are on another, depending on what they offer you. That doesn’t worry me, I wish you success”, he pointed out.

He said that rumors about his connection to the lobbyist arose as a result of an image taken at a birthday party he attended, in which he appeared alongside Sanchez Sifonte. In the original photo, she added, were other figures from the PNP and the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), as well as her husband Jose Yovin Vargas.

I speak with many people, not only with Elias Sanchez. “I talk to many people who are and are not from my party, who call me, who give me ideas and as far as I know, he has not been charged with anything,” he stressed.

He added that “we have spoken as I speak with many other people, people from the media, people from other campaigns. For example, the former campaign director of (former governor) Wanda Vazquez, (Jorge Davila). I can give you a list here of a lot of people I talk to… but from that to being part of a campaign structure, no. If there is someone who wants to make that connection because it feels good, because it helps someone else’s campaign, get involved. I dont have a problem with that. I am here to add, to add and I am not going to be excluding, because politics should not belong to an elite. The candidacies must be from the people.”

Gonzalez has said that he will soon announce what his political future will be. The governor, for his part, has confirmed that he will seek reelection, an aspiration that he will make official in October.

“I feel closer to making that announcement, much closer and I am preparing for that, because when you make an announcement it has to be accompanied by ideas, a work team.”… I am going to do it as I did in the past, facing the people and grateful for the opportunity and the love it gives me,” she said.

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