Jenniffer Gonzalez reports little more in income than Pedro Pierluisi in October

Jenniffer Gonzalez reports little more in income than Pedro Pierluisi in October

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In October, the resident commissioner in Washington, Jennifer Gonzalezreported collections of $332,101.95, a figure slightly higher than the $328,499.12 that, during the same period, he received from his campaign committee. Pedro Pierluisias can be seen from the income and expense reports submitted by both to the Office of the Electoral Comptroller (OCE).

However, of the income reported by Gonzalez last month, almost half comes from transfers from his available balance in a campaign committee registered and active in the Federal Election Commission (FEC, in English).

Facing potential primaries for the gubernatorial candidacy in the New Progressive Party (PNP), Pierluisi leads Gonzalez in the amount of money available for his campaign, by adding $3,670,964.49. The resident commissioner has $991,996.40according to OCE data.

Gonzalez keeps money in the FEC committee, where she had to report her collections upon being elected to a federal position as resident commissioner. Now, when seeking elective office in Puerto Rico, she has to respond to the OCE.

This scenario does not prevent him from making transfers from his federal campaign committee to the recently created one on the island. In its October report, it states that made two transactions of this type: one for $100,000 and another for $50,000.

Gonzalez had already made a first transfer, for $750,000, from his federal campaign committee. Until September 30, the commissioner had a total of $327,381.47 in the account registered with the FEC.

For October, in her campaign committee registered with the OCE, the PNP gubernatorial candidate reported expenses of $26,230.55. Among these disbursements is one of $8,500 for the production of a video and another of $9,015 for “marketing analysis service.”

“That is part of the campaign strategy. “These are the campaign studies that are done,” he said. Oriol Campos, When approached on the subject by The new day via telephone.

Of Gonzalez’s income, $124,450 was obtained from political events in October, when he held five fundraising events. Through that means alone, Pierluisi raised $242,091.49 the same month.

How are the PNP’s finances?

Pierluisi and Gonzalez’s collections are much higher than what is reflected in the PNP’s most recent income and expense report. That October report indicates that La Palma obtained income of $7,690.17, coming from its list of monthly donors, called “Blue Wave.” But the community’s $95,719.27 in expenses – particularly for the convention held in August – were more than its collections. This left the party with $59,514.14 in available money.

The figure places the PNP in second place in terms of available money in relation to other political parties., according to information that the communities have provided to the OCE. Proyecto Dignidad had not yet delivered, on Tuesday, its October income and expense report because it requested an extension. Updated data from the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), which requested to amend the document, is also not available.

The Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) is the political group that has the most money at the moment, with $302,095.16, while the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) has $5,321.75. In September, the MVC reported $8,327.41, and Proyecto Dignidad then exhibited a negative balance of $2,602.54.

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