Jenniffer Gonzalez will make her aspiration for governor official from the Jose Celso Barbosa House Museum in Bayamon

Jenniffer Gonzalez will make her aspiration for governor official from the Jose Celso Barbosa House Museum in Bayamon

The Jose Celso Barbosa House Museum, in Bayamon, is the setting chosen by Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez, to make official her pre-candidacy for governor by the New Progressive Party (PNP) and announce who will be the person she will push to replace her in Washington D.C. starting January 2025.

The ideal of statehood was born from the principles and convictions of a man who grew up in this little wooden house. With his story, Jose Celso Barbosa “It inspired us and empowered us and it will be from here where I will reside and begin my campaign on December 3, at 10:00 in the morning.”Gonzalez announced this Monday, through a video published on his social networks, where he can be seen walking the streets of the urban area of ​​Bayamon.

According to the vice president of La Palma, she selected the place “because I want to perpetuate this historic moment as a commitment to you and not as a mere formality. There, together with you, we will formalize the route to work for a new PNP. I am going to seek for our party to return to its roots as the party founded by Mr. Luis A. Ferre, a new PNP that never forgets its ideological struggle, that does not forget Barbosa.”

Barbosa, a doctor, sociologist and academic, is considered by the members of the New Progressive Party as the “Father of statehood”, which is why on his birthday – July 27 – they usually hold formal and artistic events in the house where he lived. . In fact, in recent years, the house museum where Barbosa grew up has been chosen by the community to remember his life and legacy.

“Barbosa taught us the path to equality, Barbosa taught us to think big, Barbosa showed us the way not to limit ourselves, Barbosa fought as a minority to sow the seed of statehood. Barbosa came from below and never forgot his people and, with that in mind, we go ahead”Gonzalez stressed, in the announcement that lasts just over two minutes.

The host, the mayor Ramon Luis Rivera Cruz, has been one of Gonzalez’s greatest allies in his new political aspirations. She is also supported by the municipal executives of Manati, Jose Sanchez; slabs, Jayson Martinez, and the mayor of Gurabo, Rosachely Riveraamong other community figures, such as the former president of the House of Representatives Carlos “Johnny” Mendez.

The governor Pedro Pierluisifor its part, He made it official that he will seek re-election on October 1 in an activity held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, where he was accompanied by part of the community’s leadership. Like Gonzalez, the president has not announced who will be the person he will support as his running mate.

So far, they have expressed their intention to aspire to the position of representative of the island before the federal Congress. William Villafane and the representative Jose “Quiquito” Melendez. Both support Pierluisi’s aspirations to remain in front of the country.

According to the results of The Survey Regarding the eventual primary for governor in the PNP, Gonzalez would surpass Pierluisi by 14 points, with 55% of the favor of the New Progressives, but that advantage has been reduced in the past eight months, since in the February poll the difference was 39 percentage points.

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