Jonathan “Bomba” Gonzalez feels happy to defend his title in Nicaragua, a land where Roberto Clemente continues to be revered

Jonathan “Bomba” Gonzalez feels happy to defend his title in Nicaragua, a land where Roberto Clemente continues to be revered

Nicaragua, the land that holds great appreciation for the deceased Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clementeis the country in which the light flyweight champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO)The boricua Jonathan “Bomba” Gonzalez, will make third starting defense against the host Leyman Benavides (20-6-1, 3 KO’s).

In fact, the Puerto Rican monarch arrived in that Central American country this Tuesday for the announcement of the fight, scheduled for Friday, October 27 from the Alexis Arguello Sports Complex, in Managua. He was wearing a jersey with the word “Nicaragua” on his chest, his belt and a Nicaraguan flag.

“I am very happy. It is the first time I am in Managua. Nicaragua and Puerto Rico have many things in common since Roberto Clemente came here and lost his life when he came to bring help. There are several sites here named after him. “Puerto Rico and Nicaragua are brother countries, and I am very happy and happy to be here,” the fighter said to The new day remembering the plane crash on December 31, 1972 in which Clemente died.

That farewell to the year, the remembered player of the Pittsburgh Pirates He was preparing to travel to that nation to bring aid to the victims of an earthquake that devastated the capital city on December 23 of that year and claimed the lives of over 10,000 people. However, the plane had a mishap while taking flight and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean and his body was never found.

Bomba does not rule out that on the day of the fight he will pay some kind of tribute to the first Latin American to reach 3,000 hits, either with the use of the white and yellow colors or in some other way.

In search of unification

When referring to his next fight, the 30-year-old fighter stated that it is important to come out with a victory because in addition to maintaining the belt he won on October 16, 2021 by beating the Mexican Elwin “La Pulga” Soto by split decision, that would lead him to a unification fight against the Japanese Kenshiro Teraji (21-1, 13 KO’s), who holds the 108-pound belts of the World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Council (WBC).

The other champion of this weight is the South African Sivenathi Nontshinga, of the International Boxing Federation (IBF).

“This fight is very important for us because we are looking for a unification fight, and the only way this can happen is by winning on October 27,” said the 32-year-old fighter, who understands that this unification could take place next anus.

“As long as the (boxing) organizations give us the opportunity and our promoters agree and the whole business falls, the (unification) fight would be in 2024,” he said.

Gonzalez – who has a record of 27-3-1 and 14 knockouts – explained that his training camp has already been going on for six weeks. He added that he does his quartering in Cidra under the orders of coaches Luis Espada and Luis Gonzalez.

Regarding the emphasis he has given to his training, he said that he seeks to be able to stand in the middle of the ensogado to exchange blows with Benavides.

“We want to stop and fight. “We want to exchange blows, fight in the center of the ring,” she expressed. “Every rival is dangerous. He is very hungry and eager to become world champion. So I have to prepare twice as much so that that doesn’t happen,” said the athlete, whose last fight was on November 1, 2022 against the Japanese Shokichi Iwata, whom he defeated by unanimous decision.

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