Karla Guilfu is inspired by her mother for the outfit for the final gala of Miss Universe 2023

Karla Guilfu is inspired by her mother for the outfit for the final gala of Miss Universe 2023

One of the most difficult decisions that beauty pageant candidates face in the final stretch is deciding on the outfit they will wear to the final gala.

However, the representative of Puerto Rico in the 72nd edition of the competition Miss Universe, Karla Guilfu Acevedo, was clear that she wanted to impress the 11 members of the jury and of course, her country, with a different dress from the preliminary one, designed by the Puerto Rican Angel Guzman. For this reason, on the night of Saturday, November 18, she chose to wear a column-cut, corset-style dress, which enhances her slender figure, in blue and violet.

“It is a symphony of elegance and sophistication. This haute couture design, meticulously handcrafted, stands out for its exquisite and high-quality details,” detailed the local organization, which is seeking the sixth crown for the country.

Created byr GL Garlate Design, designers in Thailand, It also has a neck piece, adorned with crystals and beads that hang elegantly on the back.

Sketch of the gala dress. (Supplied)

What other elements make up the majestic dress? Hundreds of crystals, sequins and beads in a gradient of blue and violet colors, which have a very special meaning for the Puerto Rican beauty. The piece was inspired by a floral arrangement prepared by her mother’s florist, Celia Acevedo, for the reception dinner in the town of Patillas, when Guilfu Acevedo won the national title.

Karla Guilfu is inspired by her mother for the outfit for the final gala of Miss Universe 2023
This orchid, in blue and violet tones, was the one that gave rise to the creation of the costume that Karla Guilfu Acevedo wore. (Supplied)

The base of the dress, it was further reported, was hand painted in a gradient, adding an additional touch of artistry to this creation.

Edgar Ramos, Guilfu Acevedo’s stylist, assured that this “look” from the final gala is “a little more elevated and risky.” “We took risks with color and design. We had never sent a proposal like the one Karla is going to wear (she wore) on the final night,” she told El Nuevo Dia.

The model paraded with complete confidence and mastery of the garment at the Jose Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium, in San Salvador, El Salvador. She wore her hair up for this occasion.

For this edition, there was a first group of 20 semi-finalists, who paraded in swimsuits; then the group of 10 in gala attire.

Next, the best five will go to the jury interview. The last three will receive final questions, and then the final result will be issued, where the successor of the American R’Bonney Gabriel will be chosen.

The psychology graduate student also won one of the three awards in the “Voice for Change” competition, with her social project aimed at mental health. The prize is $12 thousand. During the preliminary competition, the yoga instructor also learned that she was one of 10 candidates in the running for this award.

The international contest, which began at 9:00 pm, is broadcast locally on Wapa Television.

Your work team is pleased

Guilfu Acevedo has followed to the letter the training and advice he has received from his work team, which highlights the participation of Carmencita Rodriguez, current supervisor of the candidates Miss Universe Puerto Rico and who assured that the discipline of the current sovereign has been the key piece for her performance in the preliminary gala of the international competition, in the jury interview and in other public appearances during the concentration in the Salvadoran capital.

The person in charge of preparing the candidates on her catwalk revealed in an interview with The new day that Guilfu has quickly adapted to changes throughout the competition.

The young woman patillense has stolen the looks and applause, by appearing elegant, imposing, but, above all, very confident. As part of her classes, Carmencita has sought that, at all times, the representative of Puerto Rico manages to capture the attention of the spectators, while performing a catwalk “top model”.

For the Miss Universe Puerto Rico work team, Guilfu Acevedo has many strengths. However, He emphasized that his discipline, determination and desire to represent his country with dignity are his best letter of introduction.

She has been in communication with us, and You have followed the instructions to the letter. That is one of its strengths. “She really is executing what was planned, she is doing the hard work, even when she is tired,” she reaffirmed.

(Barbara Sepulveda contributed to this story)

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