“Kilometers of Change” event closes successfully and raises $160,000 for shelters for survivors of violence

“Kilometers of Change” event closes successfully and raises 0,000 for shelters for survivors of violence

The event “Kilometers of Change”in which 27 runners traveled the country for three days to raise awareness about sexist violence, managed to raise $160,000 that will be used for nine shelters for survivors of gender violence and their children.

The relay began on Friday night with the first section covered by the presenter Alexandra Fuentes and a group of athletes and closed Sunday with the race organizer, Deborah Maldonado, who burst into tears when she saw that she had achieved her goal.

There were also virtual races from citizens who signed up to join in their towns and posted their races on social media.

“Puerto Rico won with this race,” said Maldonado, founder of the non-profit organization that bears the same name as the race and that she created with the coach. Freddy Rodriguez.

“We unite and raise our voices to say enough is enough against gender violence. We ran these 27 wonderful women marathoners and a large group of men who accompanied them, aware of the serious problem of femicides to advance together towards a change in the hope that one day we, our daughters and our sons can live without fear. Every step we took created awareness and brought us closer to that goal of a better Puerto Rico, of hope, of peace for everyone,” she added.

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