La Campechada filled San German with color and exalted the work of Lola Rodriguez de Tio

La Campechada filled San German with color and exalted the work of Lola Rodriguez de Tio

A huge canvas with the artist’s brushstrokes Antonio Martorell covered part of the stairs that lead to the entrance of the old and historic Church and Convent Porta Coeliin Saint German. There you can see the painting “La Borinquena”, with the revolutionary anthem, composed by the hero and poet. Lola Rodriguez de Tio in 1868, to whom the new edition of The Campechadainspired by the life and work of the famous Puerto Rican.

The doors of what is now the Porta Coeli Museum opened for two days to enjoy “Ay Lola, Lola! / Sacred Art”, an exhibition by Martorell and his friends from the Taller de La Playa de Ponce, whose exhibition includes a selection of works made by the artist, which integrates traditional religious art, other that is not, and some portraits of the defender as well. of the island’s independence and an important figure in the literary, revolutionary and feminist history of Puerto Rico.

Work “La Borinquena” by Antonio Martorell on the steps of the Porta Coeli Church and Convent. (Jorge A Ramirez Portela)

“It has gone very well for us, we have had an enthusiastic and wonderful audience, an ideal audience. I took a guided tour at 10 in the morning and here we are at the kiosk, selling prints and books. It has been a very happy experience with so many enthusiastic people, both the artists and craftsmen with their works and visitors. Very grateful for this type of activity that has shown that it is necessary, and that it is necessary to do the Campechada outside of San Juan. The island also exists”highlighted Martorell.

And, from the hometown of Rodriguez de Tio, during this past Saturday and Sunday, people of different generations came from different towns on the island, to enjoy this multidisciplinary cultural event celebrated by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP)which joins the commemoration of the 450 years of the founding of the municipality, which has one of the most important historical areas in Puerto Rico, with more than 100 structures of heritage value.

“I love being in San German because I already have history with this town and with Lola. It is not the first time I have come to this town and collaborate. I came to a craft fair here in 1971 when they were very modest. Yesterday I was at the inauguration of the Lola House Museum and there they have a work that they commissioned from me. It is a pleasure, I have been here since Thursday and they have treated me very well”added the renowned Puerto Rican painter.

La Campechada filled San German with color and exalted the work of Lola Rodriguez de Tio
Antonio Martorell presented the exhibition Ay Lola, Lola! / Sacred Art” from the Porta Coeli Museum. (Jorge A Ramirez Portela)

While a large group of people was located at the end of the Plaza Santo Domingo on a cultural tour with a historical and tourist guide from the ICP, the group “Tuna Fish” could be heard playing a seis pampero from the Porta Coeli stage, from where there were various musical presentations, as well as on the stages called Indie, Universitaria and Campechada, located in Plaza Francisco Mariano Quinones.

In various areas of the historic city, a range of kiosks and restaurants pleased the palates of attendees. For citizen Lester Perez, a native of San German, it is a source of pride that Campechada is celebrated in his town and there has been a display of art, music and gastronomy, which also served him to reconnect with musical colleagues.

“For me it is an honor the diversity of activities they have, including stages with various musical genres. For me it is an incredible field of work. We are bringing the island so that you can enjoy our people. Honored and privileged to have you here. We have been sharing with music colleagues and with people who have come from different parts of the island, incredible musicians and colleagues who we have studied together since we were little. I find them here and I am proud of joy that there is a good rate of employment with this type of activity”highlighted the professor at the Mayaguez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico and director of the centenary collegiate band.

Simultaneously, Dr. Santiago Veve Street was decorated with living statues, which highlighted the figure of Lola Rodriguez de Tio, as well as that of a jibarito, the dance and the crier, by the group Tercera Llamada, from the western area, which is dedicated to making plays, living statues and workshops for young people, children and adults.

“For us it is a great honor. This represents an entire Puerto Rico, the entire union, in addition to the fact that we are united by art, a beautiful discipline that must be held high. There is a lot to draw from in Puerto Rico, in all areas”reported Yaritza Mallorqui, from Tercera Llamada, along with Juan Francisco de Armas and Ruben Mallorqui, who are producers of the collective.

During the cool, slightly cloudy Sunday afternoon, the grand final of the 55th also took place. ICP National Troubadour Contest, as well as artistic exhibitions, plays, academic conferences, performing arts, children’s areas, booksellers and various workshops. A display of artisans was distributed throughout different areas of the urban area.

“I love the town of San German, I think it is one of the most beautiful towns in Puerto Rico, since it is very colonial, and the fact that the artisans and plastic artists are located around the plaza, with big heads and music , and with the Porta Coeli in the background, it is a unique experience, in addition to the public that has supported us,” For her part, said the plastic artist Vicky Ortiz Santiago, from Arecibo, who on her table included work done in watercolor and acrylic, representing various Puerto Rican concepts, and works in wood in which she also captured different typical prints, which she also makes as useful art. .

The artist Vicky Ortiz shows one of her works alluding to Lola Rodriguez de Tio, to whom Campechada was dedicated.
The artist Vicky Ortiz shows one of her works alluding to Lola Rodriguez de Tio, to whom Campechada was dedicated. (Jorge A Ramirez Portela)

Added to the warm cultural image of this busy event are children running through the squares, while they are entertained with wooden toys, such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, and horses, among others, made by the couple made up of artisans Rosa Colon and Rafael Cardona, from Bayamon, who with his creations seek to rescue the inner child of adults and so that children can have other play options, far from technological devices.

“Seeing them playing with wood is our pride. Today we are seeing them with grasshoppers and wooden tops. Yesterday they were running with the stick horses. Even my husband Rafa running with them, today with his jibaro character, with which he interacts with the customers who buy his wooden toys,” said the artisan.

“I have several characters because I like to play with children. Before selling them, I take a look at the toys so they can see that there are these toys that commonly do not have so much exposure. If you don’t give it to them to display, then they won’t use it. We want to rescue that tradition from the past with wooden toys that brings back memories of their childhood for many,” said Rafael, from MiartesanoPR.

The closing of the Campechada would culminate in the night with the musical offering by Gerardo Rivas, Willie Rosario, Hermes Croatto and Plena Libre.

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