Laura Bozzo enters “Big Brother VIP” and asks to leave the “reality show” an hour later

Laura Bozzo enters “Big Brother VIP” and asks to leave the “reality show” an hour later

During the last years of her career, the Peruvian driver Laura Bozzo has given a lot to talk about for his scandalous participation in programs such as “reality show”. Yesterday, once again, the lawyer also made headlines by joining the cast of “Big Brother VIP 8”, in Spain.

The permanence of the former inhabitant of “The House of the Famous 2″ of Telemundo In the European space, however, it began with an unexpected turn: From the very premiere he expressed his desire to abandon it.

Bozzo, who rose to fame with his now-defunct television show “Laura in America,” brought his peculiar personality to Spain. Meanwhile, as soon as all the celebrities entered the house, she expressed her dissatisfaction with a dynamic that was not to her liking.

The controversy arose when the contestants were asked to spend the night in a place without bathrooms and sleep outdoors. Given this, the graduate did not hesitate to express her displeasure and desire to leave the program. “I want to talk to someone from production, I’m leaving,” he emphasized. Her classmates were surprised by the cheerleader’s attitude.

Some expressed their support, while others asked him why he no longer wanted to be part of the competition. The Peruvian assured that this was not the experience she expected and she did not need to go through such conditions, given that she already had fame, unlike many of her colleagues.

Instead of submitting to the program’s extreme conditions, Bozzo stated: “I already know about ‘realities’ and I have been to Mexico; In life they are going to take away baths or make you sleep as if you were a dog, that’s fine, there are people who have to be here to be recognized and everything else, but not me.”

So far, the only public statement from “Miss Laura” on her social media has been a message on her Instagram story that says: “millions of blessings, I hope to have your support, I love you.”

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Just like the transformer Albert Infantethe singers Zeus Montiel and Luitingothe Italian model Michael Terlizzi, Gustavo Williamthe model Jessica Buenothe model and influencer Pilar Llorithe tiktoker Luca Dazithe influencer Martha Castrothe journalist Sol Macaluso and Laura Bozzo.

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