Man pays $22,700 to build a fence in Bayamon and it is left half built

Man pays ,700 to build a fence in Bayamon and it is left half built

A man alleged before the Police having been scammed by a contractor whom he allegedly paid $22,700 for the construction of a cement fence and installation of doors to a residence in Bayamon.

According to the news report issued by the Police, the injured party hired, last February, a person to carry out the aforementioned work at home, which had a total value of $44,000.

According to the complainant, he gave the contractor a cash payment of $22,700, which he deposited in a bank account. The contractor then started the work, but never finished it, the injured party alleged.

“The complainant attempted to communicate with the individual, and his whereabouts were unknown,” the Police mention in the report.

Given this, the injured party filed a complaint with the Police on Wednesday afternoon, which was attended to by agents assigned to the Puerto Nuevo Precinct.

Agent Griselle Vega, assigned to the aforementioned police precinct, preliminarily investigated the complaint and referred the case to the personnel of the Property and Fraud Division of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) de San Juan.

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