Manelyk Gonzalez is eliminated for the second time from “The 50”

“The little bird stops singing in ‘The 50’”, in this way, Telemundo announced the departure of the Mexican influencer Manelyk Gonzalez of the “reality show”.

This is the second time that the second finalist of “The House of the Famous 1″ He left the competition. On August 21, Gonzalez left the ranch with her best friend Dania Mendez.

When she was eliminated for the first time, the Mexican claimed to have felt “betrayed” since she only received nine votes to save her, but they were not enough. Two days later, she returned, and she knew who “betrayed” her and who voted to save her, so she decided to confront them all.

Tonight, however, the “little bird,” as she calls herself, showed herself like she has almost never been seen before. In the same arena where she was defeated, she said goodbye to all of her companions.

The moment that caught the most attention were the words he had for the former Miss Brazil Universe, Julia Gama.

“Many times I didn’t understand you, Julia, maybe I judged you badly and said ‘she’s very unfortunate, she doesn’t care about anything, I didn’t understand your strategies and this last elimination or nomination I understood that you did everything for love and that you didn’t care what that you had to do and that you didn’t care if you had to betray and be around, the only thing you wanted was to save him (to Rafael Nieves). Take care of her because not everyone does that (she told Rafael),” she said.

Gonzalez’s words were an oasis for the rest of the competitors in the middle of the most important moment of “reality.”

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