Manny Manuel, Gerardo Rivas and Andres Jimenez get together to start Christmas

Manny Manuel, Gerardo Rivas and Andres Jimenez get together to start Christmas

Although for many the month of October may be the season of witches and ghosts, for a large part of Puerto Rico, the arrival of the last months of the year only means one thing: The longest Christmas in the world is about to begin.

Starting from that premise, the radio station SalSoul has organized a gathering of stars to start the festivities on the island. Its about SalSoul Christmas Partywhich will be held on Saturday, October 21, at La Finca, in Naguabo.

SalSoul knows that the Christmas holidays must be big, so the stars they will take to the stage must measure up to start the season strong. That is why the King of Hearts will be on stage, Manny Manuel, Andres Jimenez “El Jibaro” and Gerardo Rivas.

The three artists expressed their excitement at being able to be part of this event and to officially start one of the country’s favorite seasons.

“This October 21 at La Finca Naguabo is going to be something spectacular, not for the simple fact of the meeting of colleagues and friends that we are going to be on stage that day, it is because Christmas really begins and we as Puerto Ricans, I believe that every year, if you haven’t noticed, Christmas begins as if earlier, Four or five years from now, it will start in June. We are Christmas people, we are party people. That day is going to be a great event because for us musicians it is an extremely beautiful time, first, because there is always a lot of work, but for some reason, when we go to the stage, the feeling is different,” said Rivas in an interview with The new day.

Likewise, Manny Manuel was extremely grateful for the opportunity to share the stage with two great exponents like Rivas and Jimenez.

“Sharing the scene with one of the greats, one of the artists we love most, not only in Orocovis, which we love him, but in all of Puerto Rico. For me it is a privilege to share the stage with Andres and also with Gerardo, who is a tireless worker, a humble great guy, he is my friend and I really love what he is doing. “I am very happy to share the stage with two stars from this country,” said the singer.

“For me it is a pleasure and I think it is a wonderful idea from SalSoul, which is starting Christmas very early this year. It is always a pleasure to share with our Puerto Rican musical colleagues, especially with my dear man from Comuebla Manny Manuel and with Gerardo. I believe that to the extent that the pride of Puerto Ricans grows and people understand how important it is for us to know ourselves and highlight our values, then our music grows more every day to the extent that that self-knowledge of the Puerto Rican,” Jimenez highlighted, for his part, about the importance of the typical music of Puerto Rico.

“There we will be sharing Christmas in an official way and we will be enjoying it,” he continued.

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