Manny Manuel presents new song with Jay Lugo

Manny Manuel presents new song with Jay Lugo

For this week of releases, the names of the singers come to light, some of them musicians and producers, Luis Sanz, Onell Diaz with Farruko, AleJosë, Ed Rox and Jay Lugo In collaboration with Manny Manuelas well as Caleb Calloway next to Saikowho present their new proposals on the musical staff, along with their videos.

Cuatrista Luis Sanz premiered “Cuatro Beats”

The cuatrista, composer and university professor Luis Sanz He is one of the most complete Puerto Rican talents in music, who embraced the national instrument from an early age. At the same time he has evolved through years of study, work and sacrifice, becoming a great artist.

Currently, he promotes “Cuatro Beats”, a new concept that connects sounds of Puerto Rican folk music with the trap music genre. “The public will be able to enjoy a ‘chill mood’ trap instrumental with a ‘fresh’ experimental Puerto Rican cuatro,” said the artist, who on September 5 premiered the video for “Cuatro Beats”, worked with artificial intelligence together with videographer Wilfredo Serrano.

He explained that “Here I made my debut as a producer making instrumental trap music, but something a little different, because originally the hip hop genre is sung. On this occasion, the one who sings it is the four. He made a combination of the acoustic cuatro made by luthier Ricardo Ramos, as well as another instrument that is a ‘fretless’ electric cuatro, which means it has no frets. (divisions in the fretboard)”.

Luis Sanz began to study the trap genre in depth and make beats, thus seeking to have the ‘flow’. “As I come from a folklore background and studying music, such as classical music, I analyzed the way in which I integrated them, how I united them. (with trap) to make it sound organic, nothing forced. In the studio at my home I used different ‘plugins’, in order to adapt the sound of the cuatro to a more urban one. It was a very interesting process since I felt like I was learning something new and that’s how ‘Cuatro Beats’ came out.”he added.

Onell Diaz presents his new Christian album “Lleno 2”

The singer Onell Diaz, one of the most promising artists in the field of Christian music, presents his most recent production titled “Lleno 2″. This compilation has 10 original songs that reflect his commitment and passion for sharing a message of faith and hope through his music.

One of the standout singles from this album is “Misericordia”, with 8 million views on YouTube, a collaboration with the renowned artist Farruko. This song has already started to cause a sensation and is being widely shared and enjoyed on various music platforms.

On the other hand, the song “Abrazame” is one that combines the best of two worlds, showing that Christian music can coexist and merge perfectly with modern rhythms.

“Hold Me” is a call to faith, divine love and spiritual refuge. With influences ranging from reggaeton to pop, this song combines the essence of the Christian message with current sounds, offering a unique musical experience.

AleJosë launches his fourth hit: “Cama Equivocada”

Puerto Rican singer and musician AleJosë his new song with a video included, “Cama Equivocada”, his fourth single that was released on all digital platforms.

According to the artist, “Wrong Bed” is a song that will give people something to talk about, as it presents a situation that unfortunately has become very common within a relationship that faces infidelity.

Their three previous singles “No Te Vayas”, “Nada Sera Igual” and “Mundo de Cristal” continue to be heard on the regular programming of radio stations in Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Republic Dominican and Puerto Rico, among other countries.

Ed Rox opens the doors of “La Farmacia”

The urban artist ed rox released his most recent single titled “La Farmacia”, a perfect display of his unique personality and musical ability. Since his debut, he has kept his fans, known as the “Purple Demons,” in high anticipation of his music, releasing new creations on the 28th of each month, earning him the nickname “Mr. 28″.

The single “La Farmacia”, an essential part of his project “Las Napas” that consists of eight innovative songs, captures the distinctive essence of Ed Rox. Ed Rox’s forward-thinking approach to his music fuses genres such as trap, jersey club, and rap, resulting in a unique listening experience. With melodies filtered in his production that harmoniously interact with well-thought-out lyrics, “La Farmacia” demonstrates his ability to cure thirsty ears for good music, a production from JV Records.

In addition to this release, Ed Rox is thrilling his fans by announcing that he will be sharing new music not only every 28th, but also on the 14th of every month. His commitment to delivering fresh and original content highlights his dedication and passion for music, and strengthens his bond with his loyal fan base.

Jay Lugo presents “La Fuga” in collaboration with Manny Manuel

the music producer Jay Lugo has once again surprised the music world with his latest creation in the salsa genre, the song titled “La Fuga”, performed by the Puerto Rican singer Manny Manuelwith which an exciting story is woven that captivates its listeners.

The collaboration between Jay Lugo and Manny Manuel was possible thanks to the talented composer Omar “La Pluma” Cordero, who came up with the song. Jay Lugo shares about this unique experience: “When I was working on the album, Omar introduced me to the idea of ​​working with Manny. That same day, I met Manny in the studio and the chemistry flowed instantly. That’s how ‘La Fuga’ was born.”

The music video that accompanies this song was produced by Nelson Rivera. The vision behind the video sought simplicity and minimalism, with a focus on the performance of the subject and the facial expression of the artists. The intention was to create a visual experience that would highlight the emotionality of the song and allow viewers to connect deeply with the story.

Caleb Calloway joins Saiko with his new song “Carnet”

The well-known producer and DJ Caleb Calloway joins forces with the Spanish urban singer Saiko, which tops the charts. On the vibrant track “Carnet,” Calloway combines Saiko’s fast vocals with powerful rhythms and haunting keyboards. Performed entirely in Spanish, the song tells the story of a girl who doesn’t have her driver’s license yet but goes out to the club with a friend for an epic night.

Calloway and Saiko filmed the official video for “Carnet” in Madrid with director Oleg Brovchenko and a quartet of dancers. Caleb Calloway says: “For me, this song is the end of summer and opens the season of breaking all the clubs with a twerk that will be a classic.”

“Carnet,” which releases this Thursday at 3 p.m., is the continuation of Calloway’s recent collaboration with Alejo, “Donde Sea,” which fused trap, R&B and reggueton.

Marconi Impara and Big Soto come together for the premiere of “Enchule”

The Puerto Rican urban interpreter Marconi Impara joins the Venezuelan rapper Big Soto for him release of the single “Enchule”with original sounds that show the versatility of both to spin stories and show musical evolution.

“Enchule” tells the attraction that a special girl provokes in him, with the attitude of self-confidence that she shows wherever she goes, and the value of being reciprocated for her feelings.

The music video shows a fan in her room, excitedly enjoying the melody, while listening to it through her headphones. At the same time, the visual clip presents each performer with experiences in various settings, in a reflection of her commitment on stage and how much they enjoy interacting with the public.

The song and music video for “Enchule” are available on all digital music platforms.

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