Manuel Natal makes his aspirations for mayor of San Juan official for the MVC

Manuel Natal makes his aspirations for mayor of San Juan official for the MVC

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The general coordinator of the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), Manuel Natalmade his pre-candidacy for mayor of San Juan official this Sunday.

“I am making myself available for the MVC pre-candidacy for mayor of San Juan to finish the work we started in 2020 and to be able to give San Juan the government of change for which it voted in 2020 and which was denied, unfortunately, by the tricks of an Electoral Code,” Natal confirmed.

The former representative made the announcement after the National Citizen Assembly of the MVC, held at the Tapia Theater in Old San Juan, where The agreements reached with the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) were ratified. to present themselves to the country as an alternative to defeat the bipartisanship that the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) and the New Progressive Party (PNP).

Natal anticipated that it will make its aspirations official before the State Election Commission (CEE) along with the aspiring municipal legislators in the capital.

He said that he preferred to make the announcement once the assembly had concluded in order to avoid influencing, in any way, the voting of the community’s membership.

It was important that when these pre-agreements were reached beforehand, the candidates, at least on behalf of Victoria Ciudadana, were not tied to one name or another. In that sense, I wanted to make sure that the negotiation took place thinking about what is best for the country and that things broke wherever they broke,” he stated.

In the last elections, the current incumbent, Miguel Romero Lugo, of the PNP, was victorious with 46,427 votes, closely followed by Natal, who obtained 42,962 preferences. She was followed, in a distant third place, by the PPD candidate, Rossana Lopez Leonwith 29,451 supports.

Here there are people who are assuming candidatures thinking about how they add to the collective project that we are drawing up., who very well could have stayed in one space or another and, as they did at the beginning of this process, decided to aspire to where they can add to this collective effort. I think it is communicated, again, that Victoria Ciudadana came to change things,” she pointed out.

In a recent interview with this medium, Natal indicated that an internal survey carried out a few months ago found that any figure surveyed in charge of Victoria Ciudadana surpassed those of the PPD. He added that, depending on the figure surveyed from the MVC against the current mayor, “he was tied or surpassing Miguel Romero by several points.”

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