Maripily will raise Lupillo Rivera to the “leader’s suite” of “La casa de los Famosos 4”

Maripily will raise Lupillo Rivera to the “leader’s suite” of “La casa de los Famosos 4”

It’s almost time for Maripily Rivera make your entrance through the front door “The house of the famous”, and the already called “Puerto Rico hurricane” is clear about what it will do in the “reality show” that transmits Telemundo, and even who will be brought up to the “suite” if he becomes leader.

In the middle of an interview with the program “The Hot Table” The Puerto Rican model was approached by the panel made up of Myrka Dellanos, Veronica Bastos, Aylin Mujica and the boricua Giselle Blondet about what he will do during his stay in the mansion from Next January 23rd.

“Will you bring a man or a woman up to the ‘suite’? You tell me… and don’t say ‘you’re my friend, I’m going to say you’. “Make that house warm,” journalist Bastos asked.

“Well, look, I would upload anything because I have many people there that I know who are going to enter. But I would like to take a Lupillo who is single up to the suite, to get to know him and to ask him why he has blocked me on social networks,” said the model.

As expected, the unexpected revelation caused a sea of ​​screams and astonishment among the panelists.

“That ends in the jacuzzi,” assured Mujicaactress and former participant in the third edition of “The House of the Famous.”

Then I put him in the jacuzzi to soften him and so he can tell me what’s wrong with me.“explained the businesswoman.

It is worth remembering that in past editions, some of the most intense scenes that have been experienced in the “leader’s suite” were starred by Anahi Izali and Christian de la Campa; Daniella Navarro and Salvador Zervoni; and Aleida Nunez and Jose “Pepe” Gamez.

On December 14, Maria del Pilar, the Puerto Rican woman’s first name, was approached about the Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera, brother of the deceased. Jenni Rivera, Well, both will enter the house single.

“I said he looks handsome in the photos, but I would have to see him in person and live with him. They are already tying me with him and I don’t know him”, he commented at that time. Likewise, I take the opportunity to detail the qualities that disqualify a man. “I don’t like arrogant, narcissistic and ungentlemanly men.”

The owner of “Pompi Stores” joins this new adventure with the already confirmed celebrities Fernando Lozada, Alana Lliteras, Pedro “La Divaza”, Thali Garcia, Gregorio Pernia, Jose Reyes, Lupillo Rivera, Sophie Durand, Ariadna Gutierrez and Clovis Nienow.

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