Miguel Romero reacts to Terestella Gonzalez’s aspiration: “They are candidacies that are born and arise out of political necessity”

Miguel Romero reacts to Terestella Gonzalez’s aspiration: “They are candidacies that are born and arise out of political necessity”

The mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero Lugocriticized this Sunday the aspiration of Terestella Gonzalez Dentonof the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), to occupy the mayor’s office of San Juan, believing that the lawyer’s candidacy has a “total disconnection” from the capital’s reality and is not born from contact with the communities.

The politician of the New Progressive Party (PNP) responded to questions from The new daythat “everyone has the right to aspire, but It is not a candidacy that is born from direct contact with people, from visiting communities, from identifying problems. It is a candidacy that was born from a phone call, from an invitation made by a municipal legislator who did not want to aspire to the mayor of San Juan, he will have his reasons.

“They are candidacies that are born and arise out of political necessity,” assured the mayor, who aspires to re-election and made his candidacy official last Sunday.

Gonzalez Denton confirmed, in an exclusive interview with this newspaper, that he will aspire to be mayor of San Juan, a decision he made after the approach of the municipal legislator of San Juan from the PPD, Manuel Calderon Cerame. Likewise, he verbalized that “right now, we are in a stage where we are settling for few things and we have to aspire for more.”

Regarding this approach, Romero Lugo indicated that “It demonstrates a total disconnection with what is being done in San Juan, with the problems of the people of San Juan.”

“Now, we are in a political campaign. When there is ignorance about the things of San Juan, they will either ‘chiquitiate’ the things that are being done or they will come with negative things because, as I have said before, when they cannot overcome the work, what they come is to dirty it,” he added. .

Meanwhile, about the electoral alliance between the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (MVC) and the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), which will have the former representative as a candidate for San Juan Manuel Natal Albelo, Romero Lugo said that they were proposing to change “one two-party system for another”, in which “the candidates are practically being drawn because, on the other side, what they are in is for the chair.”

In addition, he recalled that Natal Albelo came in second place with a difference of three percentage points, that is, over 3,000 votes. “There was no need for a recount. There was a lack of votes, that’s why they made a lot of fuss,” he said.

The municipal executive made the statements in a press conference in which he announced an investment of $1,098,813 for the purchase of 18 vehicles for the San Juan Municipal Police, which include 15 2023 Ford Explorer patrol cars, in “police interceptor” models, which have a cost of over $67,000 each. The vehicles have special equipment for police work.

Miguel Romero Lugo in one of the patrol cars acquired for the San Juan Municipal Police. (Josian Bruno Gomez)

Romero Lugo also reported on the previous projects that have been implemented to strengthen the municipal Uniform and a decrease in crimes, when compared to the same period last year. For example, he said murders had dropped by 27.5%.

Asked about the effectiveness of the controversial Public Order Code, he explained that there will be an evaluation process and that he was waiting “for the first 30 days to pass” to elaborate on the effects of the regulations. Although he did not want to tie the data to the implementation of the Code, he argued that a decrease in complaints for assault in the early morning and for unnecessary noise has been detected.

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