Netflix series “Elite” focuses its seventh season on mental health

Netflix series “Elite” focuses its seventh season on mental health

The Oaks will reopen its doors this October 20 with the seventh season of “Elite” (Netflix), in another installment full of intrigue and drama that will focus on mental health of the students, and in which the Brazilian singer Anitta and the Argentine actor Leonardo Sbaraglia.

“She had never done anything as an actress before and I think she is magnificent. The way in which she has gone out of her way and the professionalism with which she has worked has been excellent. If I was already a fan of her before, now I am even more so,” the Spanish actress said at a press conference. Carmen Arrufat, about the Brazilian’s work.

As Each season, a social theme has been sought to structure the delivery, in this case the mental health problems “that we all suffer in silence”, according to its creators, Carlos Montero and Jaime Vaca.

Thus, “all the characters are going to go through an internal struggle, in the same way that It will show how others will not know how to behave when someone is going through this situation.“Vaca added.

In this installment, Omar (Omar Ayuso) leads a new life at university and away from Las Encinas, but he cannot turn the page. The guilt that he feels for Samuel’s death and the suffering of that stage are still very present and have led him to undergo therapy. Thanks to some internship, he decides to return to school to face his ghosts face to face.

Through the trip and through Omar’s eyes, it will be seen that the rest of the students are also silently battling with their own hells.

Created by Montero and Dario Madrona, and now with Vaca as “co-showrunner” and screenwriter, “Elite” follows the lives of a group of students from the private Las Encinas institutewhich has changed since its first season.

From premiere in 2018, The students have also been changing delivery after delivery. In factOmar Ayuso returns to fiction as a representative of the first generation of the series.

“For me, returning has been like returning to your parents’ house, it has been a very sweet return, and meeting Omar again, with his fears and insecurities, the truth is that it is a gift,” said the actor.

In addition to Ayuso and the protagonists of the sixth installment (Valentina Zenere, Andre Lamoglia, Ander Puig, Nadia Al Saidi, Alex Pastrana, Carmen Arrufat and Alvaro de Juana), this new season has stars such as the Argentine Leonardo Sbaraglia, the Spanish Maribel Verdu or Anitta.

Verdu, a double Goya winner, confesses that she entered “Elite” because of an executive producer and that together they created a character that is “far above” what she expected.

“We have created a Carmen that is above what I thought. We have turned it into beyond what I believed. “She may be frivolous, but she is vulnerable, she can compete with her daughter, but then she loves her,” said the actress, who applauds the professionalism of the young people in fiction and how “comfortable” she was working on it.

Mirela Balic (“Zorras”), Fernando Lindez (“SKAM”), Gleb Abrosimov, Ivan Mendes (“I am alive”) and Alejandro Albarracin (“Tierra de lobos”) complete the cast of the new season.

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