Noah Assad, his setbacks and mistakes on the way to success

Noah Assad, his setbacks and mistakes on the way to success

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to sit down and listen to the experiences of a successful, inspirational person, especially when it’s someone prominent in the business world who has developed with heart and passion.

The students of the Rio Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR)who at noon on Wednesday posed questions to the successful Puerto Rican businessman Noah Assadthe co-founder and CEO of Rhymes Music Entertainmentto spark an interesting conversation in the UPR Theater.

Invited by the Faculty of Business Administration, for almost two hours, this visionary of the music and entertainment industry, who shared his career, setbacks and the philosophy that led him to represent global stars such as Bad Bunny and Karol G, He led the university community in a question and answer session.

With a focus on time, care and effort, Assad inspired students to pursue their dreams without excuses.

At first he responded feeling “nervous and phenomenal,” in front of the audience of young people who seemed eager to hear his stories of success and career, but over the course of time his nerves dissipated when he received the questions submitted through a QR Code, which they opened led to a pleasant conversation, moderated by the Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Carmen Espina.

At 33 years old, who considers himself a “workaholic”, in addition to being addicted to music and reggaeton, he was narrating what those first steps were like since he was a teenager, when he developed a deep passion for the culture of reggaeton and began promoting parties and hiring local artists. Therefore, after graduating from high school, when he was just beginning university studies, he took the route of focusing on music.

Likewise, he talked about the setbacks when he did not even know that in 2014 he would found Rimas Entertainment as a digital marketing and distribution company, until later evolving and becoming a successful independent label, one of the largest in the Latin market, with a focus on urban music. Compete face to face with other multinationals.

Under his leadership, this entrepreneur – who prefers to only be called “Noah” – has become a powerhouse in the industry, representing a variety of artists, from established stars to promising new talents, among them the global star Bad Bunny and the Colombian singer Karol G.

He admits that the good relationship and communication with his artists is part of the success he shares with his work team, all graduates of the Rio Piedras campus, who were precisely accompanying him in the front row of the university theater.

There are three words that Noah reiterated throughout his communication about what should be invested in each project or desired dream, and that he has always used to his advantage: time, affection and effort. He shared this constant in his professional life as an encouragement to the students of the Rio de Janeiro campus, particularly Business Administration, Social Sciences and Education, who gathered.

“Despite the circumstances and obstacles, everything is possible, even if it sounds cliche, boring or more of the same. “I have not met a person who has not dedicated time, love and effort to something and does not come out with a reward at the end,” he reiterated.

The questions for Noah Assad were submitted through a QR Code, which opened the way to a pleasant conversation, moderated by Marketing and Entrepreneurship professor, Dr. Carmen Espina. (David Villafane/Staff)

In some way, his purpose there was to inspire others, just as he was also motivated, thanks to advice he received at the age of 14 when he met the first Puerto Rican baseball player to win a Gold Glove. Victor Pellotwho asked him what he wanted to do, just a few weeks before he died in 2005.

“I don’t know, work and move on,” Noah said. Given that response, the former baseball player Big leagues and seven times Gold Glove responded: “I want you to know something. I have a neighbor here, six houses next door, who wanted to work in the POT and he is working at NASA, because he wanted to. You have to want to do what you want to do, but you have to do it, not talk about it and let it stay there. Everything is possible. If you want to be an astronaut, go do it. “You have no excuses.”

Those words from that player resonated deeply with Noah, without even knowing at that moment that he was one of the best fielding first basemen in the history of Major League Baseball, who was better known in the United States as Vic Power.

“That stayed with me. There are no excuses. There are many circumstances, many situations, many problems, many barriers and obstacles on the way. If there is one thing you like, dedicate time and love to it. It happened to me, at first I had so much that I didn’t know what to do, but I focused on one thing and today I can do different things within what I do. But, it is important to focus on one thing first and give it your 500,000 percent,” he expressed while sharing that he took advantage of every opportunity that came his way without letting any pass him by.

For this reason, perhaps, while you have a plan or project in process, you indicated that you prefer to work on it in silence, without creating many expectations, and then announce it. Likewise, for the winner of the “Executive of the Year” award, he being the first Latino to achieve this distinction awarded by Billboardit was important to let them know, through anecdotes, that in the beginning he came to be without money, to have debts, to have plans that did not turn out as expected, and even to stay in Colombia without a single cent to return.

All the situations experienced created the perfect storm to believe in what he did and prevail. And although he assures that he would not change anything about what he experienced, if he could go back in time, he would do the same thing he did, but in a more organized way. When questioned about how he handled the drastic growth of his company, he saw that situation as a “good problem.”

“When we started we were a place where you came and solved all your problems at once. Little by little we realized that many multinationals, when it comes to working with an artist, the artist does 70 percent of the work before delivering a product. In the case of us, until the other days, we were a company that basically did everything from 1% work to 100% work as a team. The difference between us and what you have realized over time, not only in Puerto Rico, but throughout the world, is that we are a company developed here. We invest the same time, affection and effort that the artist dedicates himself to.”he stated, while pointing out that, given such magnitude, he knew how to identify when he should have hired a team, which he expanded and strengthened.

This father of three daughters confessed that for two years he has achieved that desired balance between his professional and personal life, so he understands that he is managing it well.

“My girlfriend would say I don’t handle it well, but I think over time I’ve handled it better. Unquestionably, I am a ‘workaholic’, my work fulfills me a lot, it gives me a lot of happiness. You have to keep in mind that the simplest things are genuinely what make you happy, after all, and that is part of the balance of work and personal life. I think that in the last two years of my life I have been able to make time for myself and I am enjoying it. At the end of the day, I have three daughters who need my time, my affection, my presence every day and that gives me that balance,” she added.

Besides, In terms of shows, he emphasized that producing concerts is not necessarily to generate a lot of money, since in many cases, such as the concerts “P FKN R” on the Hiram Bithorn offered by Bad Bunny, 3.2 million were lost. However, it is more than clear that the experience they offered to the fans and the contact that was created between the artist and his audience surpasses everything.

Noah stated that he wants to continue working and investing in his land, which drew applause from the students. For the moment, continuing to plant the flag and continue diversifying within what they are doing is part of what is planned.

An example of this diversification this year has been the creation of the company Rimas Sports, which serves as a sports management agency that offers a wide range of services focused on helping athletes reach their maximum potential on and off the field. Since 2021 they entered the sport when they acquired the Cangrejeros de Santurce in the National Superior Basketball.

Part of the conversation that got the students excited is that Rimas Music Entertainment will be offering internship opportunities. “We are looking for people every day, Puerto Ricans who are hungry, willing to learn, with long-term goals, not people who want to reach the goal without giving their effort, sacrifice, commitment or affection,” she stated.

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