Norwill Fragoso enjoys her role as teacher of the children of “El Molusco”

There are times when the student surpasses the teacher. This was confirmed a few weeks ago by the actress and educator Norwill Fragosowhen sharing a comedy step with his students Ocean and Paula -who are the children of the radio announcer Jorge “El Molusco” Pabon– in the program “Raymond and his friends”, which broadcasts on Telemundo.

The comedian also confesses that she was nervous but, when they finally turned on the cameras, it turned out to be very satisfying to see her pupils demonstrate what they had learned several months ago when she accepted the assignment of teaching them theater classes.

“They went to rehearse like all professionals. Then they went home, we rehearsed, and they stole the show, leaving us behind. So, I love that the student surpasses the teacher,” he reaffirmed. “What I always want is for my students to surpass me and continue sharing what they learn along the way. “That is the best satisfaction a teacher has.”.

This experience on television also served as a prelude to the next great challenge they face with comedy. “Adolescente, the work”, which continues on September 9, 10 and 16 at the Caguas Fine Arts Center, where both brothers along with their father “El Molusco” will be the protagonists.

To achieve this project, where Paula and Ocean are making their debut on the stage, they have enjoyed demonstrating the tools taught by Fragoso, who describes the experience as an enormous responsibility, but one that comes with a lot of gratitude.

“When Molusco meets me and tells me we are going to do the play, but with the condition that the children take theater classes and that they go with me, obviously I said, ‘of course, let’s go ahead’, because apart from that there is a lot of affection for the children.” kids. They have shown that they are passionate about what they do. The love, discipline, and commitment they have is impressive and for me as a teacher it is a blessing because I am working with my pupils. Of course, I get just as nervous because I want them to do it perfect, but they are doing it very well, very well.”he reaffirmed.

The main figure of the radio program “Molusco y los Reyes de la Punta” had already briefly integrated his children into his stand-up “Bajito que se offenden” at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico last March. From that moment, Fragoso welcomed them and highlights the evolution they have had to the present.

“Teenagers” the work (Victor Ramos Rosado)

“From then on the children were my students and we were assuming it with a lot of responsibility. In fact, when it occurs to Molusco that they make that debut, ‘simple’ in the Choli, Paula calls me and asks me ‘what do we do’, ‘do we say yes to daddy?’ I told him, say yes, you are ready, let’s get on with it, I’m going to be there with you. Let’s put into practice what we have been learning. So it was. From that day, until what you are going to see in ‘Teenagers the Play’, the growth and change has been enormous”said the actress, who along with Ali Warrington, Naymed Calzada, Robert “Fantacuca” Maldonado, Louis Arroyo and Rossana Pabon, make up the cast of the play.

His development, he assures, has also been confirmed through the podcasts, which began in a certain way in the first episode and are now handled very differently, without leaving aside how genuine they appear.

“If there is something that distinguishes them, it is their honesty, because they have no filter. “Sometimes I have to be careful with everything I do or say and so does my husband.”, he says in a relaxed tone, but at the same time with an air of seriousness. “The classes are at my house and suddenly I tell them, ‘I’m going to say this, but you can’t say it on the podcast because you say everything.’ They don’t have a filter. They have become home, they arrive like Juan at his house and happy, sometimes I tell them, ‘well, class is over,’ but they stay there,” said one of the comedians of the Telemundo program, “Raymond and his friends”.

While she describes that in “Adolescente, the play” she plays the character of “Zulma”, wife of “Rosendo”, being Ocean and Paula’s teacher, she watches over every step they take as actors and reinforces any line or scene that needs to be improved. .

“Both Jorge and Claudia have had an enormous responsibility towards them, because they have given them permission to train in theater with responsibility. In the summer I take them to work with me as volunteers in the camp that I direct, because I also wanted them to see first-hand the preparation of other young people who, like them, are on the same track, and that they would not stay with what I teach them, so that they can observe what other teachers teach and in that way complete their training,” he explained.

“The process has been a formative, academic, rigorous process. It’s really funny, because I already watched the podcasts out of love, but then later I start watching them to correct them. Every time they screw up, they say ‘Oh my God, Norwill, sorry, sorry.’ And I say well, we are doing something right, but they are messing with everything,” she said.

On the other hand, Fragoso urged the public not to stop going to see ‘Adolescente, The Work’, because it is being done with a lot of love, affection and respect. “For those who think that youth is lost, you are wrong. We criticize a lot that our young people do not get involved in anything, but when they start to get involved we also criticize it. So what are we talking about? “We are going to stop criticizing and we are going to support what our people produce,” he said with determination.

Immersed in the Puerto Rico Parents School

The actress, who got married on June 24 after more than 12 years of friendship with professor Jose Rivas, is also fully involved in another project, which they have called Puerto Rico Parent School, LLC. with the purpose of providing tools to families in the difficult task of raising their children.

“It is a project that my husband had dreamed of for 15 years because, as he is a teacher, he participated in a convention in Latin America and discovered that there are schools for parents in different Latin American countries. What does this mean? That provide tools to families to raise children. Because you already know that there is no manual for raising children. “No one teaches us,” he said.

According to Fragoso, in searching for a way to do it and knocking on doors, which was unsuccessful, two years ago she suggested to her husband to start the project through social networks. With her help and her experience as a teacher of Theater in the Sacred Heart Universitythey began to upload daily capsules, with experts on the topic of parenting, from social workers to counselors and teachers, with the intention of one day carrying it out in person.

However, he shared the good news that the San Antonio de Rio Piedras School wanted to be the headquarters of this project and as recently as last August 23 they began holding in-person meetings.

“Once a month we are going to organize this meeting. A conference with different guests will be held on the third Wednesday of each month. This month I give it, next month it will be given by Hector Coca, the psychologist. I am happy with the reception he has had. So believe that we are doing it well, but also responsibly,” he added while mentioning that they have had the support of companies and people to make these meetings possible.

For both Fragoso and Rivas, this is a big step they are taking and what they hope is for more and more people to join and benefit.

“There is a silent cry in our families and we see it with the crises that we have witnessed in the latest news, that we have witnessed as a country, we always bet that education is what can eradicate this evil and that is what the project is for, to continue growing and to form a school for parents in all the towns of Puerto Rico and we will train it. That’s the dream.”he anticipated.

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