“Now we have to begin our mourning”: father of Jancarlo Lugo speaks out after the sentence against Ana Napoleoni and Jeromy Pietri

“Now we have to begin our mourning”: father of Jancarlo Lugo speaks out after the sentence against Ana Napoleoni and Jeromy Pietri

After the judge Angel Llavona Folguera sentenced this morning to Jeromy Pietri Napoleoni and his mother, Ana Ines Napoleoni Medinato 139 years in prison for the murder of the young soldier Jancarlo Rivera LugoIn 2022, the victim’s father, Carlos Lugo, was pleased with the resolution of the case.

“It is a lesson for all criminals in this country that, I understand that justice exists”he commented.

“Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand the procedure, but I understand that there is always justice and we have to be united as a family, pending all the cases and following up so that they have the success that my son’s case had, which, I don’t care. They are going to return it. But I proceed in this stage of my life and a peace to be able to mourn.”he explained.

Regarding the statements of the now convicted woman, who used her right to speak to ensure that she and her son are innocent, Lugo admitted that: “Actually, nothing happened to me (in my mind), it was as if no one was speaking. “I don’t see any argument to what he wanted to demonstrate.”

“Now we have to begin our mourning to be able to cope… we are never going to have our son back, that is what we have to try to live because, really, when they killed our son, they killed us. They killed us while we were alive and I think we will be like this all our lives.”he concluded.

For her part, for prosecutor Annette Estevez Serrano, the sentence against mother and son is “what we expected, in accordance with what the law establishes. Yes, we are very satisfied.”

Likewise, he clarified that “In terms of the paper, the judge imposed 209 years on Jeromy Pietri and 217 on Mrs. Ana Napoleoni, because she had an additional charge of threatening a witness.”

“Certainly, the judge indicates that, due to the concurrence of some charges, the total they actually serve is 139 years (each). (The Department of) Correction is the one that determines the form and manner in which crimes are carried out,” he explained.

Regarding the appeal process that the defense will begin, he said that “it is a right that the accused, convicted, have, and today after they were sentenced, a term begins to appeal and if they do so, they should do so.”

Justice Department: “This was a heinous and vicious crime”

Shortly after the sentence was issued, the secretary of the Department of Justice (DJ), Domingo Emanuelli, reacted by ensuring that “justice was done.”

“This was an atrocious and vicious crime committed by people who believed they owned our streets and spread fear among the citizens. “Justice was served today.”he expressed in written statements.

“Both will have enough time to reflect on their actions while paying for their crimes in prison. We hope that Jancarlo’s relatives have peace after concluding the process. Likewise, that Jineyshka can rebuild his life and overcome the pain. Our solidarity with them”he continued, and then thanked prosecutors and police officers who were part of the investigation of the crime.

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