Ocean and Paula, children of Jorge Pabon “El Molusco” are surprised by their mother in “Adolescente, the work”

The theatrical piece “Adolescente, the work” has turned out to be a success in the performances it presented last September 2, 3, 9, 10 and 16, at the Caguas Fine Arts Centerwhich were filled to capacity, while celebrating the opening of a seventh performance on December 16.

Its protagonists, the brothers Ocean and Paula Pabonshowed that they shine with their own light, even when their father, Jorge Pabon “El Molusco” He is one of the most popular figures in the country where they inhabit.

In this family comedy, whose most recent performance was held last Saturday, it featured the surprise of Claudia Moraleshis mother, who made an appearance on stage, under the script and direction of Carlos Vega.

“I can’t feel anything other than happiness, pride and gratitude,” Morales had mentioned as a spectator, in one of her previous posts on Instagram, with several photos in which she included her children and the rest of the cast on stage.

However, at last Saturday’s performance, Ocean and Paula’s mother and ex-wife of “El Molusco” made an entrance hand in hand with Vega, in the middle of a scene where she was also Ali Warrington, Norwill Fragoso, Naymed Calzada and Robert “Fantacuca” Maldonado, which caused screams, laughter and applause from the public. From what could be seen, his children’s faces did not fade from astonishment.

“A little joke they made to us today in the 6th performance of “Adolescente La Obra” when @elcanallavega comes out of the hand of Clau, the mother of @oceanpabon and @paulapabonn pretending that they are the new neighbors of my new house. Honestly, it was on another level for them”shared the host of the radio program “Molusco y los reyes de la punta” La Mega 106.9 FMthrough his Instagram account.

As is public knowledge, the radio host announced last April that he would divorce the mother of his two children, after 20 years of marriage. Although at that time he mentioned that the separation had been a “difficult decision,” he added that they will carry out the process with “kindness,” “mutual respect” and “support” for the good of his children.

The mother of the talented teenagers used her networks to share some photos of the moment they experienced and the reason why she wanted to give them that surprise. Likewise, she emphasizes how grateful and happy she feels, knowing that her children are loved and respected.

“I will post these photos of a moment we really enjoyed last night and explain that I will remove comments because I will not let people comment wrongly about our lives on my page. Carlos, the writer and director of the play, wanted us to do a little joke at the last performance and I said yes just to see the faces of my children and the audience. Nothing changes because we have been complete, grateful and happy these 3 weekends because we support, love and are very proud of our children. We love that you love them and that you show us respect and affection as individuals and as a family. The rest is discarded. The opinions of those who do not know reasons personally and only want to excite or harm are not given room. Real life is not a novel, nor a movie… Always thank you to those who only wish for good. It is necessary to have worked internally and be aware that only by working on Oneself will we make a better society. #thankyouGod”, Morales communicated, for his part, in his personal account.

It is worth remembering that another of the functions had the special participation on stage of the urban music star, Ivy Queenwhom those present received with cheers, demonstrating the great affection that the Puerto Rican public has for him.

Currently, Pabon also produces the podcast “Adolescente” with Ocean and Paula.

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