“Oh, no”: Alexandra Fuentes brings a goat as a special guest to her program and the unexpected happened

“Alexandra at 12”the program of Telemundo conducted by Alexandra Fuenteshas a segment dedicated to pets. As a resource, the animator receives the Dr. Simeonidiswho, in turn, never ceases to surprise the audience with each visit.

And today was no exception. The veterinarian came to Telemundo with Gregorio, a goat with a particular story.

According to Simeonidis, Gregorio fell in love with the goat Milagritos, who already had a partner. The presence of the goat in the television national was with the purpose of announcing that they were looking for a girlfriend “so that he forgets about Milagritos.”

Just when Fuentes was going to speak, Gregorio made his first “grace” on the same carpet of the television space. “Oh no, so they don’t keep saying that you are a goat, that they took Milagritos away from you,” the communicator hesitated.

Apparently, the goat didn’t like the joke and, immediately, the second “funny” came out. “Can I go?” the doctor asked, visibly embarrassed.

“Look guy, come here, these things happen,” Fuentes added, for his part, letting the audience know the spontaneity of the space that is broadcast live.

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