On a secondary level for Pedro Pierluisi the effort to eliminate raw food

On a secondary level for Pedro Pierluisi the effort to eliminate raw food

The governor Pedro Pierluisi He maintained this Saturday that, although he would favor the elimination of the tax on the import of petroleum products – known as the “raw”–, its priority in tax matters is the advancement of the reform presented to the legislative Assemblywhose relief is estimated at $570 million annually.

“I don’t want to rule it out because, I come back and say, the tax relief project that is being submitted has a greater impact, the benefit is greater because you are talking about savings for the people of around $570 million to $575 million. Eliminate (the) crudita two, the savings are $375 million. If we compare them one with the other, I prefer the contributory relief”said the first executive.

In the meeting with journalists, after an activity of the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico in a hotel in San Juan, the president recognized that both the tax reform and any legislation to eliminate the fuel tax would require the endorsement of the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF).

The call for the elimination of crude oil intensified this week, after the transaction in which the Highway and Transportation Authority (ACT) transferred the management of four additional highways to the company Metropistas. As part of the agreement, the outstanding balance of the ACT debt, to which the funds raised through the crudita were originally allocated, would be settled.

According to him Internal Revenue Code, a tax of 16 cents is imposed on each gallon of imported gasoline, while four cents are applied to diesel; to aviation fuel, three cents; and “any other fuel”, eight cents. Once the ACT entered the process of restructuring its debt under the Promise lawthe Board chose to redirect the collections to the General Fund.

“What I am going to do is monitor the legislative process. If it does not prevail, the tax relief project does not prosper, then this (the elimination of crude oil) could be a plan B. I see it as a plan B. Plan A is for the tax relief project to be approved.”Pierluisi emphasized.

The chief executive added that he has no intention of giving way to contributory measures that do not have the support of the Board. “Both things would have to be worked out with the Board to prevent the Board from objecting to it and we end up in unnecessary litigation. “In these types of matters, when we are talking about such significant fiscal impacts, I recognize that the Board has the power to go to court to repeal the law,” he said.

On hold

On the other hand, Pierluisi reiterated that he is waiting to meet the New Progressive candidates for resident commissioner to determine who he would support in the race. The incumbent Jennifer Gonzalezwho will challenge him in the primary for the gubernatorial aspiration, has stated that he already has the candidate he will support to succeed her in Washington, although he has refused to identify him.

state legislators William Villafane and Jose “Quiquito” Melendezthe former Secretary of State Larry Seilhamerthe Secretary of Health, Carlos Melladoand the director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, Luis Davila Pernasare among those who are rumored to aspire to resident commissioner, while others, such as the former adjutant general of the National Guard Jose Reyeshave ruled out competing.

“We’ll see, when they make their individual decisions, who aspires. I, at this given moment, am not endorsing anyone. At the time, I could endorse a candidate, but I’m not there at that moment.”said Pierluisi, who described the people who have been mentioned as potential candidates as “a group of good statesmen.”

Pierluisi spoke to the media in the company of Davila Pernas and the president of the Democratic Party in Puerto Rico, Charlie Rodriguezafter the conclusion of a meeting of the central committee of the political body on the island.

Rodriguez specified that, during the activity, Members of the Democratic Party approved a resolution, presented by Davila Pernas, to express their support for the re-election candidacy of Pierluisi, affiliated with that group at the national level in the United States..

Likewise, at the meeting, the process for the selection of delegates who will attend the Democratic National Convention next year was directed and Rosemary “Mai” Vizcarrondo to fill the vacancy of “national committeewoman” on the local board. Vizcarrondo currently serves as Director of Public Affairs at Strength.

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