One person remains intubated and another in a condition of care after an accident with an all-terrain vehicle in Ciales

One person remains intubated and another in a condition of care after an accident with an all-terrain vehicle in Ciales

The number of people injured after an accident at an all-terrain vehicle event yesterday in Ciales increased to eight, two of them in care; while the mayor of that municipality and the president of the organization of the event have avoided making any statements in this regard.

“There are seven men and one woman,” said Commander Edwin Acevedo Sandoval, director of operations for the Arecibo police region, to The new day.

The accident occurred yesterday afternoon, during the Ciales Aguadulce Festival, when the driver of an all-terrain vehicle left the mud track, jumped over the concrete fences and fell on several people, most of whom were part of the staff who worked at the event.

The police report indicated that the injured men are ages 21, 23, 29, 30, 41 and 45 years old, while the injured woman is 20 years old.

Initially it was indicated that, of all those affected, there was a 29-year-old man in need of care. However, Acevedo Sandoval indicated that, of the total of eight hospitalized, “one is intubated and another is in care condition.”

One of them remained in a Manati area hospital, while another was transferred to the Rio Piedras Medical Center. “The other six are in stable condition.”commented the officer.

This medium learned that other people suffered minor injuries, but refused to be taken to a hospital.

Acevedo Sandoval indicated that the event would be outside the jurisdiction of the Police because it is “a private event, outside the taxiways.” Even so, he noted that agent Brenda Delgado continues with interviews as part of the investigation.

“They had their internal security with 15 troops,” he said. “We focus on providing direction to traffic on public roads and protecting life and property.”

“We had 130 (police) personnel day and night. 585 tickets were issued, four complaints were issued for violation of Law 22 (traffic), and 12 license plates were seized, two motor vehicles and there were two arrests for drunkenness,” he added.

The commander highlighted that, in his 27 years working in the Arecibo police region, which covers Ciales, he had never heard of an incident of that magnitude at the event, which has been held for more than 30 years.

Mayor and president of the organization do not utter any expressions

The mud track races are run by the entity “Mudbug Agua Dulce Ciales Inc.”, registered with the Department of State as a non-profit organization, chaired by Narciso Nazario de Jesus.

The new day He called the phone number that appears on that person’s official document. Although someone answered, she abruptly ended the call after learning that it was this medium.

For its part, at the closing of this note, it has not been possible to obtain expressions from the mayor of Ciales, Alexander Burgos Otero. During attempts to contact him, his press spokesperson has simply indicated that he is not available.

Yesterday, however, after the incident, he issued written statements in which he reported that the municipality is a sponsor of the event and highlighted all the personnel they had available to deal with any emergency.

He also indicated that the other races that were scheduled on the calendar were canceled, while he requested a “prayer for the speedy recovery of the people who are receiving medical attention at this time.”

The statement, however, did not address the issue of security measures in terms of infrastructure and logistics.

Survivor criticizes the organization

One of those injured in yesterday’s accident was Jean Del Vallewho was assisted by paramedics who were at the scene.

After leaving the hospital, Del Valle posted a video on his Facebook profile to indicate that he was recovering satisfactorily. He also appreciated the expressions of solidarity.

In addition, Del Valle stated that he made the video because he saw in “the news” that “the organization of the event… that they are trying to wash their hands of what happened, saying that we did not obey and that we stayed there because they told us. win.”

“We were behind the cement fences, further back, where the first vehicle overturned, but nothing happened. When that category comes, they send us behind the fence, in the line of the fence” and he assured that “at no time” was there anyone “outside the fence.”

He also alluded to moments when organizers were notified about people who were in risk areas.

“An organizer of the event was told that there were four civilians who came in from the back and were not taken out. The organizer said ‘leave it there, they’ve been there for a while’. Where a captain rules, a sailor does not rule,” he said.

Likewise, Del Valle indicated that, before the accident, they attended to “many situations,” such as people dizzy from the heat, people with chest pain and others who were under the bridge.

“That was another, there was no organization there. Under the bridge, algarete,” she lamented. “To remove a patient there was no organization. “People didn’t obey.”

In the video, Del Valle expressed that he wanted to “stand up for his teammates.”

“I made this video so that they would know the truth, that at no time did we disobey,” he stated.

He urged that when “the organization or the Municipality is going to make some expression, say things as they are”.

“They are accidents that happen,” says representative Rodriguez Aguilo

Gabriel Rodriguez Aguilo, district representative 13, which includes the municipalities of Manati, Ciales, Florida, Barceloneta and Arecibo, indicated that, in the past, it has sponsored the event, which is the highlight of the Freshwater Festivalbut that, this year, was not present.

He also indicated that the races had ceased due to the damage caused by Hurricane Maria to the track, located near a river, and that they had the required permits from the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA).

“In the past we have had situations, but there are so many years that it would be difficult to say exactly,” Rodriguez Aguilo told this medium, highlighting that Ciales is known as “the cradle of 4×4,” because the well-known “enduros” or off-road vehicle races have been held for a long time.

“If you see the video, you can see that the accident happened at the end, after the arrival. You hear the car speeding up. I had already passed the track part. That’s where it gets out of control,” he explained.

The representative assured that, if the vehicle had headed to the other side of the track, the general public would not have been in danger because “the track is lower. There is like a difference of more than 15 feet in height.”

However, a video posted by Del Valle on his Facebook page shows that, when the vehicle overturned, it did crash into the cement fence, on which there was a metal fence where there were spectators.

“They are accidents that happen. It could have happened anywhere in those events. “There is always some danger, that is why security measures are taken and an immediate reaction was given,” the official added.

However, when asked if he considered it necessary to take stricter security measures in case the event continues to be held in the future, Rodriguez Aguilo referred to the organizers.

“I imagine that has to be with the organizers, how to further restrict access to the track area”held.

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