Our School inaugurates its first vocational fashion design program in Caguas

The alternative education project Nuestra Escuela inaugurated today, Tuesday, its first vocational initiative, Nuestra Moda, aimed at teaching clothing design and haute couture to young people in Caguas.

The program, which lasts a year and a half, impacts 25 students. During this time, students will learn and practice basic sewing and fashion design skills. At the end of the course, they will obtain a basic vocational certificate, which could function as a preamble to continue technical studies in fashion design.

The Nuestra Moda curriculum begins with an introduction to sewing, which teaches the operation of sewing machines, the tools to perform basic sewing, and the dynamics in sewing ateliers and workshops.

“They will learn fashion history and there will be practical sessions to make a basic cut dress and pants from a pre-made pattern,” explained Kiara Ortiz, Nuestra Moda design teacher, who said she is excited to connect with the students and direct their careers. in fashion design.

In subsequent semesters, courses will be offered in creative design, fashion illustration, original sketches, creation of own patterns, finishing, use of textiles and sustainable fashion, among others. Meanwhile, in the last semester, students will be able to implement the skills learned through the creation, in groups, of their own collections. At the end of the course, they will have a fashion show.

“Our Fashion is the first of our vocational initiatives that is born from the interest of youth. Listening to students for more than 23 years has allowed us to create innovative and contextualized alternatives. We work every day to continue creating trust in all sectors in favor of our young people. It is they who can make a difference in the construction of the Puerto Rico that we all dream of,” he indicated. Ana Yris Guzmanpresident of Our School.

Our Fashion curriculum begins with an introduction to sewing. (Supplied)

Guzman also expressed that, starting next year, free vocational courses in technology, agronomy, tourism and construction will be added to the offerings of Nuestra Escuela schools in Caguas and Loiza.

Our Vocational School will receive an allocation of $509,803, for the development of the new curriculum, from the government program for Skilled, Vocational and Practical Employment, which is projected to impact 325 students from 13 to 21 years old and residents in 17 municipalities in the northeast.

In that sense, the student Carlos Gonzalez Sanjurjo, who began studying at Nuestra Escuela in 2020, explained that he has been interested in fashion design since he was little, when he made drawings of dresses. The 17-year-old, originally from Loiza, added that he has cultivated a passion for fashion, focusing on fantasy costumes, evening and bridal dresses.

“At Our School, I recently had, for the first time, the experience of having a drawing of mine become a pattern on paper on a mannequin. That dress is inspired by a lotus flower, which grows in swamps. It is a symbol that no matter how adverse your environment is, you can flourish as a person. Seeing the dress on paper on the mannequin, it was like I dreamed, turned into reality. That touched my heart. I feel that studying at Nuestra Moda is going to open many doors for me. Our School has been with me step by step. There is no better education than this. Here, everyone is a star and you give everything for your star. I know I’m going to be a fashion designer. “That’s in me,” said the student.

At the inauguration of Nuestra Moda, designers were present – ​​such as Elda Samano, Jocelyn Delgado, Joseph Da’Ponte and Octavio West – who shared their work with the students. Also, the mayor of Caguas showed their support for the project, William Miranda Torresand Caridad Pierluisirepresenting the governor Pedro Pierluisi.

Cynthia Beltran, director of innovation and vocational development at Nuestra Escuela, announced that they are in talks with universities and design schools to establish possible alliances.

“We will have all the resources and all the necessary alliances so that the excellence that Our School already has at an academic level is sustained with great quality at a vocational level. “We are going to be at the forefront so that young people who graduate from Our Vocational School can compete with advantage for any university or institute where they will continue their studies and, at a professional level, have the knowledge to begin the development of their careers,” Beltran pointed out.

The program, which lasts a year and a half, impacts some 25 students.
The program, which lasts a year and a half, impacts some 25 students. (Supplied)
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