Over 1.3 million endorse Vladimir Putin’s presidential candidacy

Over 1.3 million endorse Vladimir Putin’s presidential candidacy

Moscow – The Russian leader’s campaign team, Vladimir Putinhas collected more than 1.3 million signatures for his registration as a candidate in the presidential elections next March.

“To date, in support of our candidate for the position of President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, we have collected more than 1.3 million signatures. “The work continues and we hope that this figure increases,” Mariana Lisenko, a doctor by profession and one of the heads of the presidential team, said today, according to the TASS agency.

These signatures were collected in 58 Russian regions, so those obtained in another 25 regions of the country will still have to be added, in addition to the annexed Ukrainian territories.

He recalled that all independent candidates have until the end of the month to obtain the necessary 300,000 signatures, among which there cannot be more than 7,500 per region.

Putin’s supporters, who on previous occasions collected many more signatures than necessary, began the process on December 23, just after the popular initiative was created that proposed the head of the Kremlin as a candidate for re-election.

Although Putin is running as an independent, he has the support of the Kremlin party, United Russia, and the Social Democrats of Fair Russia.

In power since 2000, Putin reformed the Constitution in 2020 to allow him to remain in the Kremlin for another two terms of six years each, until 2036.

At the moment, the Central Election Commission (CEC) has registered only candidates from two parties with parliamentary representation that support the Kremlin’s policies: the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Leonid Slutski, and New People, Vladislav Davankov.

The CEC plans to issue a decision on the communist candidate Nikolai Kharitonov on Tuesday, the CEC reported today.

At the moment, it is unknown if he will register the liberal Boris Nadezhdin, the only candidate who opposes the war and who, being also supported by a party (Civic Initiative), only requires 100,000 signatures.

According to the independent press, the Kremlin in principle rules out the possibility of any candidate who openly advocates peace in Ukraine running in the elections.

Putin, 71 years old and whose management is approved by 80% of Russians, according to official polls, should win the elections with more votes than in 2018, when he received more than 76% of the votes.

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