Pedro Pierluisi asks to justify a possible salary increase for the governor, legislators and constitutional cabinet

Given the efforts made by the president of the House of Representatives, Rafael “Tatito” Hernandezto review the salaries of the governor, legislators and the constitutional cabinet, the president Pedro Pierluisi He warned this Friday that this initiative will require studies to justify such action.

“Any review of the salaries of legislators, chiefs of staff and the governor must be addressed separately and after doing all the necessary studies to justify any proposed increase. It should not be evaluated together with other salary increases for officials, such as judges,” Pierluisi said in written statements.

“Our Constitution prohibits legislators and the governor from increasing the salary that applies to them during the term to which they were elected. In other words, any increase in the salary of the governor or legislators would have to take effect from 2025 onwards. “That restriction does not apply to cabinet members,” he pointed out.

The chamber president informed this medium on Thursday that he plans to convene a caucus of the majority of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) soon to discuss the salary issue, given the possibility that, in this legislative session, the issue will be evaluated.

The governor’s salary, currently, is $70,000 annually, while the base salary of legislators is $73,000. Legislative presidents, however, earn $100,000 annually.

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