Pedro Pierluisi reiterates that “there are no exceptions” in cases of corruption

As the federal case against his cousins ​​once again gained attention, Governor Pedro Pierluisi reiterated this Friday that, in cases of corruption, “there are no exceptions.”

Today, the federal judge Camille Velez Rive sentenced three years and one month in prison to David Velez Hernandez, who pleaded guilty for having participated, together with the cousins ​​of the chief executive Eduardo and Walter Pierluisi Isernin a scheme to secure $3.7 million in federal funds, between 2014 and 2022.

“I see that the sentences are very similar to those of my two cousins ​​and that officer who worked in their company. There are no exceptions. That is, he who fails, he who falls into corruption, he has to respond, no matter who he is, where he comes from, who he knows. That is the case”he commented.

The chief executive made his statements when leaving the convention of the Association of General Contractors, in a hotel in Fajardo, in which he reiterated his message about the reconstruction of the country after the passage of Hurricane Maria almost six years ago.

In general, Pierluisi highlighted the progress made in reconstruction, thanks to the federal allocations granted to the island.

“When this administration began, there were only 81 completed permanent works projects and now we already have 1,800 completed works. When we arrived, there were 510 works underway and now we have about 10,000. With FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) funds alone, we have 2,800 projects under construction right now. Regarding electrical reconstruction, we did not have any projects and now we have 133 underway, with 73 already under construction in 96 facilities,” he specified.

He reiterated the need for more resources in the construction area, ranging from architects and engineers to labor, because there is “an amount of work never seen before.”

Regarding a recent arrest for human trafficking, Governor Pierluisi recalled that this week he announced efforts to eradicate violence in the country. He said that one of the aspects that would be analyzed would be precisely this crime.

“We are going to convene in a congress with working groups and, eventually, my goal is that, by the beginning of December, we will have a draft of this comprehensive plan, which is what will guide us to address the problem of violence.” , including human trafficking in an integral way, that is, to attend to it at its roots”, he stated.

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