Pedro Pierluisi’s government will stop advertising ads with the phrase “making things happen”

Pedro Pierluisi’s government will stop advertising ads with the phrase “making things happen”

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The governor Pedro Pierluisi announced on Friday that it will abide by the determination of the Office of the Electoral Comptroller (OCE) that prohibited the use of the slogan “making things happen” in advertisements paid for with public funds, in line with the electoral ban period, which came into effect on January 1.

Pierluisi maintained, however, that he disagreed with the ruling, and stressed that the OCE’s conclusion, in his opinion, does not imply that your government has engaged in illegal use of public funds when resorting to the phrase over the past few months.

“My decision is to abide by that decision; Although I differ from the decision, but it does not matter. It is better to abide by that decision, there is a lot of work to do, and the government has to comply with the law, including what the electoral comptroller orders. Starting the year, I prefer not to have the controversy”Pierluisi commented.

To questions from journalists during the official activity in celebration of the Kings DayPierluisi insisted that his administration’s slogan did not express a “partisan political” message, although he left it in the hands of his campaign director, Edwin Mundodecide whether to use it in his attempt to re-validate the governorship, including his primary race against the resident commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez. According to Pierluisi, “making things happen” – a refrain that he repeated more than a dozen times in his last State message – only had a “motivational” intention towards public servants..

“It has not been used in the past and is not being used at the present. I, personally, do express myself like this and, If in any interview on radio or television they ask me what is happening, I am going to say that we are making things happen, because they are happening.. But that is different from communications using public funds in an election year. There, the electoral controller has jurisdiction and I recognize it,” she emphasized.

Defend spending with public funds

The electoral controller, Walter Velez Martinezexplained to The new daylast Wednesday, that a three-member subboard had concluded, by a 2-1 majority, that the phrase “could have an inference to achievements, projections, goals and programs.”

“And, precisely, the Electoral Law, in an election year, prohibits reference to achievements, programs, projections, achievements and goals. In that sense, they do not approve the phrase during an election year.”he added then.

The Advertisement Examining Board is made up of three officers: Rene Comasnamed by Popular Democratic Party; Diego Roblesnamed by New Progressive Party; and Ivonne Rivera Picorellinamed after Puerto Rican Independence Party. The vote against when evaluating the advertisement was from Robles.

In his appearance before the press this Friday, Pierluisi stressed that The regulations “change in election year” with the entry of the banfor which he insisted that a judicial appeal presented by the PPD, which seeks to force the government to recover the funds invested in guidelines that used the phrase, will not succeed.

“Obviously, they would love for the courts to agree with them, but they are not going to have it because it would be inconsistent with what has been done since the years of (Rafael) Hernandez Colon in the 80s, to the present, if not further back,” said the first executive.

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