Preliminary hearing is reviewed against the man who allegedly shot and murdered two brothers in the Caguas Court

The preliminary hearing against Roy George Karakozianwho allegedly opened fire and murdered two people on the grounds of the Caguas Court last August, was named today, Tuesday, at the request of the accused’s legal representation.

The judicial process against Karakozian began in court room 201 of the judge Isander Rivera Morales and had the assistance of several witnesses from the Public Ministry.

However, the lawyer Donald Milanwho represents Karakozian, asked Judge Rivera Morales to review the hearing to evaluate a motion for transfer that the defense submitted, and which was denied, in addition to having the opportunity to evaluate the processes recorded during the filing of charges, “which is important for one to prepare.”

“The regulations of the Court of First Instance contemplate that when there are witnesses who are bailiffs or officials of the court, the matter should not be heard in this jurisdiction and what we have are press releases from the Judicial Branch stating that the incidents occurred precisely in this jurisdiction. court in the presence of bailiffs, so they can potentially be witnesses from either the Public Ministry or the Defense.”Milan explained in an aside with the media.

However, according to prosecutor Yammir Samalot, the motion was based on Rule 16 of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico.

“It is a rule that establishes that when an official or judge is a party to the litigation, then the court can transfer the case because he is already a party. In this case, court employees would be witnesses, which is not the same thing. And that is why the court declares that the transfer motion is not admissible.”Samalot reported.

The preliminary hearing against the accused was scheduled for September 29 at 10:00 am in that same judicial center.

Karakozian was escorted to Rivera Morales’ room by several bailiffs, while an interpreter explained to him the processes that were being carried out in the room, since the man does not appear to speak Spanish. The accused stared at the judge’s chair while the interpreter whispered to him what was discussed in the trial.

In the room, furthermore, Family and friends of the two victims in this case were present, the brothers Angel and Rosa Judith Calderon Perezlike Jose Miguel Calderon, the third brother and who appears as one of the eyewitnesses and main witnesses of the Public Ministry.

Samalot announced that at this stage of the process they would only be using three to four witnesses, although he did not rule out that, if the trial continued, members of the press who were present when the accused allegedly opened fire on the court premises were summoned.

The case appears to have originated after a dispute between neighbors over the territorial limits of their properties. Both families were in a legal battle for which the court determined to grant mutual protection orders for the parties.

As discussed after the events, Karakozian’s wife, Luz Perez Martinez, was reported by Calderon for allegedly violating the protection order. In that case, Judge Maria Rojas Delgado found cause for a charge of stalking and placed the woman in jail, awaiting her due judicial process.

The preliminary hearing process against Perez Martinez began yesterday, Monday, but was also postponed at the request of his legal representative, Mr. Gil de la Madrid. The preliminary hearing against the accused was scheduled for October 3.

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