“Princëney”, by Puerto Rican Ariel Orama Lopez, was shown at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles

After more than a dozen international awards that include “Best Direction” and “Best Short Film” in various categories, Puerto Rican animated storyPrinceney”, was shown yesterday Wednesday at the Grauman Theater, better known as the TLC Chinese Theater, on Hollywood Boulevard, in Los Angeles. This is a creation of the Puerto Rican filmmaker Ariel Orama Lopez, also known as AG Orloz.

Thanks to your selection in the Silicon Beach Film Festival, taking place September 7-15, Puerto Rico was present through independent cinema in this famous theater and one of the “most recognizable and visited landmarks in Southern California”, adjacent to the Walk of Fame and the stars. The fictional short film tells the first story of a Caribbean man who holds the position of prince alongside his best friend, who becomes his only family throughout his journey until they both reach the co-principality.

Previously, The project was presented at Animation in Cannes 2023, in the “Academy Screening Room” of the Oscars, in New York and in India, among other countries. In November, it will be presented at the Orlando Film Festival, as their next projection destinations.

Ariel Orama Lopez, also known as AG Orloz is a Puerto Rican filmmaker who has produced, created and directed several short films that have been awarded internationally. (Supplied)

“The short film was born in the middle of Hurricane Fiona, just one year ago, and today we celebrate a new step: the presentation of the project at the sought-after Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I remember walking along the Starwalk and in front of the majestic theater so many times during my training at the New York Film Academy, but I never thought that just 13 years later this great dream would come true. This is a great achievement for me and for Puerto Rico“, indicated Orama Lopez, who highlights the titanic work of the animator Jorge Caceres, the creative Peter Alexander Grossen and the composers Daniele Carretta and Rafael Fernandez Viedma, who were part of this animation project. “It has been wonderful to be able to create this short film together with such a talented group of art friends and a wonderful cast made up of professionals from Mexico and Puerto Rico.”

Previously, AG Orloz presented his creations “One” and “2HOOM” in commercial theaters in North Hollywood, in addition to reiterating his participation in Los Angeles before his selection in several festivals in California.

Among the awards that “Princëney” has received so far at various film festivals it has participated in around the world include: Best short film at the Vesuvius International Film Festival; Best animated direction New York Independent Cinema; Best International Director, Best International Song and Best Animated Short Film of the Berlin 8 & Halfilm Award; Best Original Short Film and Best LGBTT Short Film of the Frida International Film Festival; Best LGBTT short film of the Sweet Democracy Film Awards; Best animated short film Five Continents International Film Festival; and Best composition of Sofia International Film Festival.

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