Protesters in Puerto Rico show support for Palestinians in the face of war between Israel and Hamas

Protesters in Puerto Rico show support for Palestinians in the face of war between Israel and Hamas

More than a hundred people demonstrated this Tuesday in front of the Federal Courtin Hato Reyin support of the Palestinians in the midst of the war between Israel and Hamas in Loop.

Palestinian flags waved alongside those of Puerto Rico while protesters picketed on Chardon Avenue, occupying lanes in both directions, to denounce the “genocide” of the Palestinians and repudiate Israel’s retaliation after the surprise attack by Hamas.

The protest was called by organizations including the Feminist Collective in Construction, the Promises Finished Day, Vamos PR and the Hostonian National Independence Movement. Members of the Palestinian community in Puerto Rico participated in the demonstration.

“We decided to hold a joint demonstration because it seemed important to us to demonstrate from Puerto Rico our solidarity with the Palestinian people, who, there, are resisting all violence by the State of Israel. Also, it is an expression of solidarity to the Palestinian people who live in Puerto Rico.”he pointed out Zoan Davila Roldanspokesperson for the Feminist Collective in Construction.

About 3,000 people have died after Israeli attacks since the war broke out on October 7 and more than 10,000 have been injured, according to the Ministry of Health of Palestine. Meanwhile, victims in Israel numbered 1,400 as of Tuesday and at least 199 Israelis, including children, have been captured by Hamas and taken to Gaza, according to information provided by the government of that country.

The protesters, who gathered in front of the court around 4:00 p.m., carried signs with messages such as “enough of genocide against the Palestinian people” and chanted slogans such as “may peace be the destiny of the Palestinian people” to the sound fully At around 5:00 pm, they marched to Juan Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Juma Yacob He walked, along with his relatives, carrying a sign that read: “My Palestinian grandpa is older than your ‘state’. “Stop genocide” (“My Palestinian grandfather is older than your ‘State’. Stop the genocide.”) “What we want is rights,” she said.

Furthermore, he wished for the Palestinians that “Live like the rest of the world, be happy, be free”.

The United Nations (UN) warned that the continuing siege on Gaza affects the supply of water, food, medicine and other basic needs. Hospitals on the strip They are on the verge of collapsesince the fuel reserves for their generators have been exhausted.

Gaza’s Hamas-run Health Ministry reported Tuesday that an Israeli airstrike caused an explosion at a hospital, killing about 500 people, but the Israeli military denied involvement, it reported. Associated Press.

In Puerto Rico, more than a hundred Jewish people gathered on Sunday on the south side of the Capitol, where the monument to the Holocaust and the Lod Massacre is located. to show your support to Israel.

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