Public employees allege retaliation and political discrimination by Pedro Pierluisi’s administration

Public employees allege retaliation and political discrimination by Pedro Pierluisi’s administration

While, Wanda Ortega Alamo She filed, on August 1, 2023, a lawsuit against the CFSE in which she alleges that she was removed from her position as regional director also for her activism in the Gonzalez campaign.

He maintains that the former administrator of the CFSE, Jesus Rodriguez Rosaallegedly received instructions from an employee of the Governor’s Office in La Fortaleza about how “they were going to treat employees who sympathized” with the primarist rival of Pedro Pierluisi in the race for governor.

Ortega Alamo, in an interview with this medium, said that, in February, he attended a public hearing with Gonzalez at the House of Representatives, to which the commissioner was summoned after, at a political event in Anasco, she reported alleged threats of dismissal against public employees who supported her. At the hearing, the candidate was required to reveal the names of the officials who were allegedly discriminated against or persecuted, and she did not do so.

“She didn’t give names so as not to affect us”Ortega Alamo argued.

Confronted with the complaints, the Secretary of the Interior, Noelia Garcia, He urged any public employee who alleges similar actions to file a complaint. “It is important that we always follow the law and regulations. Any concern or any allegation is not brought directly to an agency head, it is brought directly to the Human Resources Office. “These allegations are serious and must be addressed responsibly.”he claimed.

The Secretary of the Interior, Noelia Garcia, considered that the allegations “are serious and must be addressed responsibly.” (Teresa Canino Rivera)

They express distrust

But the public employees interviewed stated that there is distrust towards agency heads and the government apparatus when bringing complaints to them. For example, Enid Ortiz Rodriguezemployee of the CFSE alleges in her lawsuit that “retaliation” was taken against her after she told the corporation’s Board of Governors, before the Office of Government Ethics and that of Comptroller that Rodriguez Rosa supposedly held meetings to talk about politics “during working hours.”

“For some, they take away their functions, they corner them. Others, if they request a promotion, because they belong to Jennifer, they are not granted it. They are awarded to those who belong to Pedro Pierluisi. Others have been removed if they are temporary. Others, if they are under contract, have been taken away,” said Ortiz Rodriguez.

There are employees who have brought them together to tell them that they have to vote for Pedro Pierluisi. I am from Public Servants with Jenniffer. Therefore, I can explain what has happened and the fear they have of saying that they are with Jennifer because they are going to persecute them. “He is a boss in different agencies,” the woman added.

Enid Lawsuit by El Nuevo Dia

Regarding this aspect, those interviewed alleged that public servants were required to request an early vote by mail and take a photo of the ballot with a vote in favor of Pierluisi or that on the day of the primary, this Sunday, they vote showing the ballot.

They added that supposedly the payment of differentials in a position of trust, salary scales or better working conditions has also been made conditional on supporting Pierluisi in proselytizing activities and at the polls.

“In each of the agencies, people are upset by the way they are executed. I have been a member (of the PNP) since I was very young and I was a candidate for mayor. “This seems disgusting to me,” he said. Alex Joel Torres Guzmana second lieutenant of the DCR who alleges that, in June 2023 – before Gonzalez made his aspirations official –, his assignment in the House of Representatives was canceled and, in March 2022, he was not honored in the Classification and Remuneration Plan acquired steps.

Lawyer Libardo Hernandez Perez, who represents Torres Guzman in administrative complaints before the Public Service Appeal Commission, said that supposedly they do not attend to his claims and requests, which delays his ability to go to court to request a remedy. Torres Guzman began to file administrative appeals since March of last year and, in May, the DCR replied that he received the claim from him.

“I need a decision from the agency to appeal what they do. “They don’t give them to me”emphasized Hernandez Perez, who was director of the campaign and is now treasurer of Elmer Romanthe candidate for resident commissioner in Washington that Gonzalez supports.

Asked why, if it is supposedly a pattern that is replicated in other agencies, there are not more complaints of this type, the group of interviewees said that “There is a lot of fear”. Furthermore, not all officials can afford a lawyer, he pointed out. Roberto Santiago Rodriguez, who processes claims through the union United Public Servants.

The man is an employee of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA), and said that, since 2022, when the resident commissioner visited Santa Isabel, where he worked, he was transferred to Ponce. Transfers have also occurred in the DCR. Those interviewed provided a list of 18 public servants with the corresponding transfer letters, signed by the secretary. Ana Escobar.

Public employees allege retaliation and political discrimination by Pedro Pierluisi’s administration
Interviewees provided a list of 18 public servants from the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation with the corresponding transfer letters, signed by Secretary Ana Escobar.
(Vanessa Serra Diaz)

Santiago Rodriguez He attended Gonzalez’s activity in Anasco and alleged that now he has no tasks, he earns less money because they took away the differential, the allowance, and in the Classification and Remuneration Plan he received “zero” salary increase.

TO Zoryleen Llanos Ferrer, a career psychologist employed by the DCR, was also not granted a reasonable accommodation, her medical plan was inactivated, payment for hours worked was not authorized, and her computer was taken away, which, according to her lawsuit, prevented her from evaluating and offer therapies to those convicted of child abuse, gender violence and sexual offenders.

“As Dr. Llanos is not known in the work community as a Pierluisista, both defendants feel empowered and protected,” reads the lawsuit in reference to Escobar and a subordinate of the Chief of Correction.

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