Puerto Rico thrashes Antigua and Barbuda and clings to the lead of its group in the Nations League

With a hat-trick from Gerald Diaz and a double from Ricardo Rivera, the National Men’s Soccer Team beat Antigua and Barbuda 5-0 on Tuesday in the group stage of League B, of the Nations League Concacaf.

The Thomas A. Robinson Stadium, in the Bahamas, was the scene of the match in which the Puerto Ricans dominated from start to finish. They achieved the same thing last Saturday when in their debut, they defeated Bahamas 6 to 1.

In the 15th minute, Diaz opened the scoring for the island with an assist from Noeh Hernandez from the left wing. Likewise, in the 46th and 90th minutes, the midfielder scored the fourth and fifth goals to seal the Puerto Rican victory.

After an infraction by Kwame-Ture Kirby, Puerto Rico’s second goal came via penalty from the feet of Rivera in the 40th minute.

Immediately afterwards and with three yellow cards, the rival team played with 10 men after the expulsion of Roneba Cordice for a foul on Rivera, which cost him minutes lying on the grass, writhing in pain.

On the other hand, after the failed attempts by Ian Silva and Joel Burgos, with differences of seconds, Rivera added the third goal for Puerto Rico with a play that he himself started from the right wing.

Although the rivals arrived more aggressively and had two clear opportunities in the second half, they were unable to break down the Puerto Rican defense, which had 69% of the ball possession.

Antigua and Barbuda’s desperation increased in the 58th minute when D’Andre Bishop was sent off due to an accumulation of cards. The team, which came from losing 1-5 to Guyana, finished with nine players on the field and a total of 20 fouls. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico added 11.

The so-called Blue Hurricane registers six points and occupies first position in group D, made up of Guyana, Bahamas and Antigua and Barbuda.

Guyana also concluded its participation with six points, but with a difference of five points.

The next commitments of the League of Nations are scheduled for October.

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