Rafa Campos explains why he will not go to the 2023 Pan American Games and who should replace him

The Puerto Rican golfer Rafael “Rafa” Campos explained on Thursday why he will choose not to participate in the Santiago 2023 Pan American Gamesand who (or who) should occupy their space in the continental competition.

In May, Campos and his work team formally let the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (Copur) Yet the Golf Association (PRGA)who would not attend the event that will take place from October 20 to November 5.

Campos was surprised that they have not yet announced his replacement. He wants to avoid confusion.

“My main goal is to play in the Olympics. It is the greatest way to represent the island, which I do every week. But it is the tournaments in general that add points for the world ranking. It is the only way to get a ticket to the Olympic Games,” Campos told El Nuevo Dia.

“Not because I won a Central American or Pan American medal would I attend Paris 2024. That was why I made the decision. I did the diligence to inform myself. I know that these events, like the Pan American Games, are also big. But I would like to be in the Olympics,” he stated.

fields, number 334 in the world ranking, he played the Olympic Games of Tokyo in 2020. It ended in position number 57 finishing the event with 288 strokes, four over par.

At that time, the Puerto Rican player did so while ranking 290th in the rankings. “I know that, if I am among the best 280, I will be in Paris,” he highlighted.

“But the reality is that we have some young people for the future who play incredible. That they will reach or even exceed my level. Especially Kelvin Hernandez and Evan Perez,” she indicated.

Rafa Campos, during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. (Ramon “Tonito” Zayas)

Campos has until April to obtain Olympic qualification.

“I had that opportunity a long time ago. They are going to get a lot out of representing Puerto Rico. It is a big championship and they must feel that pressure and adrenaline that comes with it. Expose yourself and be better players. That is why I am surprised that they have not yet said who is going to go to the Pan American Games,” he added.

“Kelvin is the closest to turning professional. He will now start college himself. They are in the same position to bring us a medal as me. I support one thousand percent whoever goes. They are going to get much more fruit,” he noted.

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