Rationing in Yabucoa and Humacao could last up to two weeks due to AAA operational repairs

The plan of rationing which will begin the day after tomorrow, Monday, for subscribers of the Water and sewage Authority (AAA), in Humacao and Yabucoa, It could take up to two weeks while operational deficiencies in the pumping systems are addressed, the director of the eastern region of the public corporation shared this Saturday. Enrique Rosario August.

“We hope, in the next two weeks, to resolve the problem. We have staff every day and we already have two plans for where we are going to go.”said the engineer to The new day.

The AAA reported yesterday, Thursday, that the plan will be executed for periods of 12 hoursfrom 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, specifically in service areas identified as A and B.

“It is more of our problem, an operational problem, than a supply system or drought problem. What we wanted is to try to make sure that these customers know the periods because, sometimes, depending on the repairs, some did not have service in different periods. We want to stabilize it in that we have other alternatives, either new pumps – which we are going to be installing – or giving it service from another system, which is what we are analyzing.”he explained.

Rosario Agosto assured that there is no other system that is at risk of rationing at this time, but the AAA continues to monitor them all, with special focus on river intakes, since – she indicated – these bodies of water are unpredictable.

“In river intakes, we have personnel, and this is observed every day, because rivers tend to give us surprises and, therefore, we have to monitor them,” he noted.

He added that the main deficiency in the supply of drinking water is at the pump station in the Catano neighborhood, in Humacao. In this residential area, there are 373 subscribed families.

“In terms of supplies at the pump station, it is not providing the flow to solve the problem that the Catano (neighborhood) has. We decided to implement it because there was a lot of intermittency in that neighborhood, and to make it at least more stable, well, we decided to establish an interruption plan so that everyone is informed, instead of not knowing when they are not going to receive the serviceindicated the regional director.

With the alternation of days, the aim is to sectorize the service areas to match the demand of subscribers. Two zones were established to identify interruptions.

The rationing plan will go into effect on Monday, September 18. (Supplied)

Zone A brings together subscribers in the neighborhoods Candlestick Down and Good view of Humacao and the neighborhoods Gandular Grill, Avocado and Guayanes Beach from Yabucoa. Residents in this area will experience low pressures to interruption of service from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am

The Buena Vista neighborhood, one of those that will be shutting down, has a 350,000-gallon tank, so AAA understands that it is enough to supply subscribers for the 12 hours of service interruption.

Meanwhile, in zone B, there are the neighborhood subscribers Catano of Humacao, who will have service interruption from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Successively, every 12 hours, the interruption will alternate between the zones.

In the Catano neighborhood, an oasis will be established at the entrance to the community, near the Pan Pepin storeand those sectors will be added within the plan in which the need for the supply of drinking water arises.

The AAA will be with trucks on a route through the affected area, indicated Rosario Agosto. Additionally, you will receive help from Emergency Management to supply the oasis.

The official reiterated the importance of the moderate use of water, keeping in mind that the elevated and distant areas will be the last to recover the service.

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