Rauw Alejandro cries when singing the song he dedicated to Rosalia in Barcelona

Rauw Alejandro cries when singing the song he dedicated to Rosalia in Barcelona

Barcelona– An excited Rauw Alejandro has turned tonight’s Barcelona concert into what will probably be the most special of the tour Saturno World Tour, honoring Rosalia singing his latest ‘Hayami Hana’, a song he has promised he will never sing again.

The emotion has taken over the Puerto Rican who has found the strength to sing at the climax of the concert this song that he dedicated to Rosalia after the breakup, with a dedicated audience in a Palau Sant Jordi practically packed that has embraced him and has been touched by him .

“I’m never going to sing it again in my life,” promised Rauw Alejandro, who also highlighted throughout the concert how special the people of Barcelona are to him, while also visibly acknowledging the “feeling” it generates in him. sing ‘Hayami Hana’.

It was not the only tribute to Rosalia, since she immediately sang ‘Beso’, one of the three songs that are part of the EP ‘RR’ that they both released at the beginning of this year and which has become a huge success. world, with background videos of romantic moments that the Catalan and he lived together.

She did it as she usually did, in a duet with Motomami and, although Rosalia was not physically present, her voice resonated from the speakers throughout the pavilion, with an audience that was able to hear both of them again in unison, even if it was symbolic.

Before singing ‘Today here’, he stated that “it is difficult to forget someone with whom you imagined being the rest of your life” after asking which of the attendees “have a broken heart tonight”, to whom He has recommended “accepting that that person is no longer here” and keeping “the good memories in your heart.”

Barcelona has been Rauw Alejandro’s second stop in Spain, after premiering in Valencia with a massive concert at the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències on August 26, and after having to cancel the one that was scheduled for the same day in Mallorca. next due to meteorological reasons. A show of lights, fires and visual effects has started a concert that began after 9:30 pm, in which Rauw Alejandro has entered in style with ‘De Carolina’, followed by ‘ If you hit yourself’, and with an audience that has received the artist with fervor.

Sant Jordi has vibrated to the rhythm of ‘Patinetes y Brasieres’, ‘Corazon Despeinao’, ‘Todo de ti’ or ‘Al callao’, as well as ‘Gatas’, where Rauw Alejandro has shared the stage with fellow singer Chris Palace, musician supported by the Puerto Rican and who has already collaborated with him on his other concerts.

Before the great tribute to Motomami, the Puerto Rican addressed the audience that was waiting for him a few words in a friendly ‘Catalan’, while at the same time he boasted that “parlo català una mica millor (I speak Catalan a little better)”.

“Avui somhere (today we are here) to enjoy and to forget the problems, this is how it is,” the singer highlighted shortly after the concert began, which he also took the opportunity to thank the people of Barcelona for “acollir-me (welcoming me). forever” and “for the love they have given me since the first day.” There was no lack of perreo in the concert, since the Puerto Rican even brought a couple from the audience on stage to the rhythm of ‘Dejau’ and launched a little then his shirt to the enthusiastic fans as a souvenir.

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