Raymond Arrieta celebrates a great dream: “there will be a wedding soon”

Raymond Arrieta celebrates a great dream: “there will be a wedding soon”

The presenter and comedian Raymond Arrieta She is overjoyed to know that her daughter will take an important step on a personal level.

The host of the program “Raymond and his friends” Telemundo He shared today, Saturday, that his daughter Ana Isabel Arrieta Medina was engaged by her partner so there will soon be a wedding in the Arrieta Medina family. The comedian and philanthropist is the father of two adult children, the result of his marriage to Anamae Medina.

“How time flies… my baby, my baby, my daughter. Last night she was engaged by a spectacular humble, handsome boy from a good family… I love you.. There will be a wedding soon. Blessings… The family is growing,” the artist expressed on his social networks along with a photo of his daughter from behind, who is posing with a small veil.

The engagement celebration was on Thursday night and Arrieta’s family witnessed such a memorable event in the young adult’s life.

Two weeks ago the proud father celebrated his daughter’s birthday through a message he dedicated to Ana Isabel.

“Dear daughter. Every year on your birthday I always post this photo because it brings back many beautiful memories. You know that I am very proud of you, you are a fighter and a strong woman who never gives up. No matter the goal you set, you always fight for it. Humble and simple, you care about others and like to help people. Happy birthday, dear daughter, I love you… Dad 🥰,” Arrieta wrote to her daughter, who is extremely cautious about her intimacy and privacy on social media.

Arrieta throughout his artistic career has protected and respected the fact that his family remains private, without being public figures.

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