Representative Mariana Nogales returns to court in an appeal requested by the Opfei

Representative Mariana Nogales returns to court in an appeal requested by the Opfei

The represent Mariana Nogales Molinelli He returned to the San Juan Court on Wednesday after a request from the Office of the Panel on the Special Independent Prosecutor (Opfei) to hold an appeal hearing of the case for arrest for the charges filed, in May, against the legislator of the Citizen Victory Movement.

At the beginning of the work, the Nogales lawyer Molinelli, Jose Andreu Fuentes, requested that the complaint and some additional evidence to that initially presented be sent to the defense. Therefore, the hearing was delayed until 1:30 pm, when the test parade will begin.

“We know that this case has been presented because of the positions that I have taken, but unlike what they expected, which was for me to resign and get tired, I continue forward because I have the truth”said the representative before entering room 1007 of the Court of San Juan.

In addition, she stressed that she feels confident, particularly because she has had experience in criminal judicial processes.

The motion for an elevated hearing was requested after the judge Iraida Rodriguez Castro will only find cause for arrest against Nogales Molinelli on two charges for articles 269 (perjury) and 212 (ideological falsehood). Meanwhile, he exonerated the Ocean Front Villas real estate corporation and the legislator’s mother, Rita Molinelli Freytes.

When you arrive at the court, Prosecutor Zulma Fuster stated that they were going to an appeal hearing for the 51 charges originally presented and that they had additional evidence in this regard..

The charges, broken down into 24 complaints against Nogales Molinelli, 17 against his mother and 10 against Ocean Front Villas, were filed, on May 3, in the Investigation Room of the San Juan Court.

Likewise, they are related to an alleged omission of information in the reports that Nogales Molinelli presented to the Office of Government Ethics and for alleged tax evasion.

After meeting with the parties, the judge Jimmy Ed Sepulveda Lavergne reported that the Rule 6 hearing (cause for arrest) will be seen before the judge Rafael Taboas Davila.

In the event that this part of the process is extended, the preliminary hearing for the two charges in which the case was found in May will be on December 7, at 9:00 am, but if the hearing ends this Wednesday, it will proceed. , then, with the preview.

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