Ricardo Rossello, after endorsing several politicians in Puerto Rico: “I am not looking for positions”

Ricardo Rossello, after endorsing several politicians in Puerto Rico: “I am not looking for positions”

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Guaynabo – The congressional delegate Ricardo Rossello Nevares He assured this Sunday that, by endorsing various candidates for political positions for the November 2024 elections, he is not looking for appointments or positions in the government of Puerto Rico starting in January of next year.

“I know that I am still a public figure, but I do not work on this as if it were a normal political process. “I see the people that I understand that I should support and I am going to support them, there is no negotiation,” stated the statehood lobbyist. “About a position, I am not looking for positions,” He said in response to a question from The new day.

Rossello Nevares, who had to resign as governor in 2019 in the face of massive protests, spoke from the headquarters of the Police Members Association, where he endorsed the senator and candidate for resident commissioner in Washington DC of the New Progressive Party (PNP), William Villafaneprior to both participating in a conversation titled “Let’s go for equality!”

“William did not invite me here today to support him, William invited me to talk about statehood. But I feel the need to say that I understand that William collects all the capabilities for those who want results and for those who long for statehood. “William is an extraordinary candidate,” he said when expressing his endorsement, while reiterating his support for the governor Pedro Pierluisiwho will face the current resident commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez for the gubernatorial candidacy.

Rossello Nevares resigned on August 2, 2019 after the content of a chat was revealed in which he made sexist, disrespectful, homophobic and misogynistic expressions – along with his main advisors – that caused massive protests that motivated his departure.

The people’s demonstrations also responded to cases of corruption that involved officials of the administration of the then governor, including the former Secretary of Education, Julia Keleherwho pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud.

He assures that he receives “enormous affection”

When asked by this medium whether he felt welcome in Puerto Rico, despite the massive movement that demanded his departure in the summer of 2019, Rossello Nevares responded yes.

“The love we receive is enormous, thanks to all those who give my family and me that love, it is reciprocal. “I want the best for all Puerto Ricans and that is why I want Puerto Rico to be a state,” he expressed. “I feel honored and grateful that the people gave me the honor and privilege of being governor,” he added.

Villafane, for his part, when asked why he considered that the endorsement would add support in the primary for the candidacy for the resident police station, defended the work of the lobbyist for statehood and reviewed some of what he considers achievements of the administration of Rossello Nevares during the two and a half years that he was governor.

“My actions, my decisions, are not determined specifically and closed to a political benefit, my actions are focused on what is best for Puerto Rico. “Beyond the friendship that unites us for more than 20 years, the reality is that Ricardo Rossello is the only official elected in Puerto Rico through the direct nomination mechanism,” declared Villafane about his friend, who obtained 53,823 votes through the direct nomination mechanism in the May 2021 special election to be a member of the so-called Congressional Delegation of Puerto Rico.

“The determination (to announce the support of Rossello Nevares) is more about strengthening and giving claws to what today is our word and, starting in 2025, it will become action, exercise and result on the part of from the office of the resident commissioner in Washington,” said Villafane.

The legislator, in the primary race for the candidacy for the position of resident commissioner for La Palma, would face the representative Jose “Quiquito” Melendez, the former Secretary of State, Elmer Roman, and the scientist Marigdalia Ramirez.

Highlights “extended delegation”

Representatives were also present at the activity in Guaynabo. Jose “Che” Perez Cordero and Jorge “George” Navarrothe senator Gregorio Matias and the former director of the Addiction and Mental Health Services Administration (ASSMCA), Carlos Rodriguez Mateowho will aspire to a seat by accumulation in the Senate for the PNP, among other figures from said community.

After participating with Villafane in the conversation in Guaynabo, Rossello Nevares had planned to move to Dorado, where he would announce his endorsement Erik Rolon, candidate for mayor in that municipality under the PNP insignia. Rolon was secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation and undersecretary of the Interior under the administration of Rossello Nevares. “Erik has the executive capacity,” estimated the lobbyist.

Without mentioning names, he also expressed his endorsement of the aspirations of several members of the so-called extended delegation, which has been his letter of introduction as a congressional delegate and which consists of recruiting people to promote the annexation of Puerto Rico into the states of the United States. According to Rossello Nevares, this group already has about 17,000 people in 49 states and Puerto Rico.

“There are several members of the extended delegation who have done incredible work in Washington, who are now running for different positions. “They all have my commitment, they all have that support,” she said.

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