Ricardo Rossello returned to La Fortaleza with the help of Pedro Pierluisi

Ricardo Rossello returned to La Fortaleza with the help of Pedro Pierluisi

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The governor Pedro Pierluisi received on Monday, in Strengthto the former chief executive Ricardo Rossello Nevares and his wife, Beatriz Rosselloin what was his first visit to the executive mansion after he was forced to resign, in the summer of 2019, after participating in a Telegram chat which provoked the indignation of the people.

“Talking with the governor about the agenda in Washington for 2024 and the work of the extended delegation. On behalf of myself and Beatriz Rossello, thank you for your time and dedication. Her victories are the victories of our people. Always count on us”read the message that Rossello Nevares published on the social network Instagram, along with several photos that show the meeting.

The photos show Pierluisi and Rossello Nevares talking in the La Fortaleza library. In two other snapshots, Rossello Nevares and the governor appear posing, and both with Beatriz.

The Rossello couple’s visit occurred after the former president publicly endorsed Pierluisi to renew his position. Also, Rossello Nevares supported William Villafane for resident commissioner in Washington.

Pierluisi will compete in primaries for the candidacy for governor in the New Progressive Party to the resident commissioner in Washington, Jennifer Gonzalez. Meanwhile, Villafane will do the same against the representative Jose “Quiquito” Melendezthe scientific Marigdalia Ramirez and Elmer Romanwho is supported by Gonzalez.

After the publication of Rossello Nevares, the former Secretary of Public Affairs, Ramon Rosario Cortes, He turned to the social network X (formerly Twitter) to also disseminate and comment on it. “Today, inside and outside the PNP, some go to sleep without sleep. Ricardo Rossello from La Fortaleza. His first entry since summer 2019 to reiterate endorsement of the governor. Two great leaders,” she said.

Rosario Cortes was one of the former officials of the Rossello Nevares administration who participated in the chat with homophobic, sexist, sexist and misogynistic content, which provoked the indignation of the population, massive protests and, as a consequence, the resignation of the then governor.

The former chief financial officer and former Secretary of the Treasury also participated in the chat, Raul Maldonado; the former secretary of state, Luis Rivera Marin; the governor’s former legal advisor, Alfonso Orona; and the former chief financial officer and former government representative to the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF), Christian Sobrino.

Former press spokespersons were also part of the group. Carlos Bermudez and Rafael Cerame, the publicist Edwin Mirandathe former Secretary of the Interior, Ricardo Llerandi, and the also former Secretary of Public Affairs, Anthony Maceira.

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