Ricky Martin’s nephew alleges “unhealthy breach of trust” and requests the resignation of lawyer Michael Corona

Ricky Martin’s nephew alleges “unhealthy breach of trust” and requests the resignation of lawyer Michael Corona

A little less than two weeks until the new status view in the Court of San Juan for discovery of evidence in the lawsuit you face Dennis Martin Sanchez from his uncle, Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martinhis nephew requested before the magistrate the immediate resignation of his lawyer, Mr. Michael Coronaclaiming “unhealable breach of trust.”

“Honorable Judge, through this motion I request the immediate resignation of Atty. Michael Corona for an unhealthy breakdown of trust in our attorney-client relationship. On the other hand, I request the extension of the written discovery of evidence that expires on January 16, so that my next legal representation can use it effectively.”reads the handwritten motion presented Monday morning before Judge Arnaldo Castro Callejo by the defendant.

If approved by the court, Ricky Martin’s nephew will have a maximum period of 30 days to obtain new legal representation.

It should be noted that after a postponement on December 18, 2023, The parties involved have until January 16 to deliver the depositions and finalize the evidence discovery process. regarding the million-dollar civil lawsuit for extortion and stalking filed by the Puerto Rican star.

At that time the judge raised concerns during the hearing, considering that “the discovery of evidence is being divided”.

“I have no problem being flexible regarding discovery, but they are sending me interrogatories, supplemental interrogatories, admissions requests. A series of jobs are being divided up that in terms of the economy should have been addressed in one matter. Same as for orders. I have responded to all order requests relatively quickly, but It seems to me that they have to identify in terms of the discovery of written evidence what is going away because we cannot send a new interrogatory every time we receive an answer.”established Castro Callejo during the last hearing.

On the other hand, The final date to conclude the discovery discovery was scheduled for June 28, while on August 27, at 1:30 pm, an in-person hearing will be held to discuss it along with the depositions.

The controversy

Said controversy in court started in July 2022when Sanchez Martin was granted a domestic violence protection order against his uncle, which was filed that same month at the young man’s request.

Subsequently, Justice granted Ricky Martin a protection order for stalking against his nephew, which was extended for one year last November.

This measure orders Sanchez Martin to “refrain from harassing, persecuting, intimidating, threatening or in any other way interfering with the petitioner or members of his family,” as well as not to approach his home or that of his family members and not to contact him. by telephone, email or social networks.”

Later, Sanchez Martin filed a complaint for sexual assault against his uncle in early September of this year, but a judge denied the requested protection order in October.

Two months later, Mr. Corona reported on the filing a complaint with the New York Police Department (NYPD, in English) to investigate the alleged sexual abuse that Sanchez Martin suffered at the hands of his uncle at the Marquis Theater in the Big Apple when the singer was performing in the play “Evita.”

At this time, the status of this investigation in New York is unknown.

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