San Juan prepares to implement the new Public Order Code

With a view to the entry into force of the new Public Order Code the next November 9he Municipality of San Juan is guiding citizens about the measure and training the staff of the city council’s departments and offices, the mayor said today, Saturday. Miguel Romero Lugo.

His expressions emerged during the inauguration of a barracks of the Municipal police in the Las Curias community, in Cupey, where he also delivered eight patrol cars, as part of the efforts to prepare officers to execute the code.

“We are aiming to be ready on November 9”said Romero Lugo. “This has been a thought process, studied. Since the approval, the release of the draft, we have taken the time because, in the end, we want a code that we can apply well in execution.”

Romero Lugo signed, on August 8, the ordinance project that establishes the new Public Order Code for the capital city, amid concerns about the impact the measure would have on the economy. The code will enter into force 90 days after being published in a newspaper of general circulation.

The mayor assured that, this month, merchants registered with the Finance Office will receive a communication with “the rules that apply, particularly those that have been most discussed in public opinion.” Additionally, the municipality is making presentations to all 11 community boards.

The newly opened barracks will have 15 police officers, five sergeants and a captain. (Vanessa Serra Diaz)

Merchants they have rejected the new code considering that their sales and clientele would be affected by the restrictions that the measure imposes on the sale of alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, San Juan communities have denounced lack of participation in the development of the code.

Romero Lugo affirmed that citizen participation in the process was evidenced in the public hearings surrounding the document, which were held for four days, and in “the number of comments and meetings and participation that occurred when the draft of the document was presented. initial way.”

“Now, it is up to us to execute it and I am going to appoint representatives of the communities to ensure that there is effective participation,” the mayor pointed out.

The measure provides for the creation of an evaluation committee with five members, which will examine the results of the implementation of the code 90 days after its validity. Said committee must submit reports every 180 days after the initial evaluation.

What is the Public Order Code?

The new San Juan Public Order Code covers various issues that impact the daily lives of residents. Romero Lugo has stated that the measure seeks to unify municipal ordinances and ensure the coexistence of San Juan residents and visitors.

The restrictions on the sale and sale of alcoholic beverages have been one of the most controversial points of the document. Specifically, the code provides that the sale of alcohol is allowed until 1:00 am, from Sunday to Thursday, and until 2:00 am, on Fridays and Saturdays. If Monday is a holiday, Sunday night sales may be extended until 2:00 am the next day.

The municipal administration rehabilitated the structure with an investment of more than $20,000.
The municipal administration rehabilitated the structure with an investment of more than $20,000. (Vanessa Serra Diaz)

Some provisions of the code address issues such as noise pollutionthe use of ash from burning coal and vehicular traffic.

New municipal headquarters in Las Curias

The barracks just opened in Paseo Las Curias will have 15 police officers, five sergeants and a captainreported Romero Lugo. The old barracks, according to the mayor, was located in “an old house” in poor condition.

The work to enable the barracks, which serves more than 60 communities in the capital city, includes the remodeling of bathrooms, installation of air conditioning units, and repair and installation of new external lighting, among other improvements. The municipal administration rehabilitated the structure with an investment of more than $20,000.

“The location of this barracks will also allow us to work hand in hand with the community. Here, there is a community that is well organized, that is very concerned, that is involved in everything that has to do with the improvement of their living conditions,” indicated the mayor.

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