Sara Rosario does not oppose the elimination of presidential terms in the International Olympic Committee

Sara Rosario does not oppose the elimination of presidential terms in the International Olympic Committee

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Santiago, Chile -The president of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (Copur), Sara Rosariosaid that she feels “identified” with the position of the leader of Olympism, Thomas Bachthat there should be limits on the presidential terms of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), but at the same time he is not opposed to giving way to a change in the constitution that would extend the German’s presidency.

Bach’s presidential term ends in 2025, after 12 years. The president’s first term is eight years and then he can seek re-election for another four years.

But at a meeting last weekend of the IOC, members of the body proposed that Bach could run for re-election for a third term, which was supported by other directors. The IOC will create amendments and evaluate them at a future meeting.

But Bach said presidential terms “are necessary.”

The term limits are an anti-corruption measure created after the scandal of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, when the host was awarded with bribes to IOC members.

I can understand Thomas Bach’s expression. It’s totally understandable. I feel very identified with his opinion. He says that he respects the Olympic Charter (constitution). I am also very respectful of the constitution because it should govern the Olympic movement”said Rosario.

An amendment similar to the one approved several weeks ago at Copur will be discussed at the IOC.

The Copur also had term limits rules for the presidency. The rules limited a presidency to two terms (8 years) starting with the 2013-2016 Olympic cycle.

But Copur has been amending those terms of the constitution since then. He first amended it to 12 years so that Rosario could continue in command and now approved another measure to eliminate presidential terms, which would allow the current leader to seek another re-election for a fourth term.

He also has the same situation as me at one point, in which I had to give way to an amendment brought by the associates. (Now) Your IOC members bring this motion. This is evaluated, so that it is not conflictive with any party and, in their case, they will have to pass judgment on that motion to see if he can aspire to a third term,” added Rosario, who became president in 2012 instead. of David Bernier.

Thomas Bach’s term as IOC president ends in 2025. (Rafiq Maqbool)

“The terms are good, but one also has to listen to the enrollment. If the delegates understand that we have done a good job, that they want one to continue in the presidency, then an amendment like that is natural and it is the same thing that is happening in the IOC. “That doesn’t mean I’m going to come back for another term nor does it mean that Bach is going to run for another term,” he said.

Rosario affirmed that the IOC amendments are parallel to those of Copur, but said that an amendment approved by the IOC, for the purposes of eliminating presidential terms, will not influence his decision about the future of the presidency.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to vacuum again. That decision, as I have said and have maintained, will be defined in the Copur election period after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.. At the moment there is a lot of work to do,” he said.

Rosario explained that the amendments proposed within the IOC are not in the hands of the presidents of national Olympic committees like her, but in the members of the IOC, who are 99 and which includes the Puerto Rican. Richard Carrion.

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